Beta testing of SAES:RPG new features.

  • Hi All,

    For all those with beta access to VC, you are also invited to take part in a beta test of the new features and changes to the SAES:RPG server/core (SA) before pushing them live.

    The test will commence on Wednesday 6th Feb (Today).

    As per usual, the details for the test will be posted when the test starts on discord, in the #beta-testing channel.

    This test will be organised and ran by Kain, so if you have issues, please see him, not me.

  • Sexy af babe 😍

  • Hello @brophy , i will just ask if vces is fully released i need to install vice city to my laptop or not

  • @ζ-xJuDe VCES is still under development and you only need SA installed as it's a mod

  • Hello there @Tut Greco , hoq i can get access to VCES

  • @ζ-xJuDe Tut clearly said that VCES is "Under development" which means it's still being made.
    Please be patient, some time in the future VCES will launch public for everyone.
    Have patience.