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  • Hi @hazy . Not remembering the rulebreak does not exempt from the guilt. However, it was me dealing with the report. To be honest, I can't really recall all the facts, since I've been dealing with a great amount of reports this day, and particularly various from avoiding. Anyhow, the facts goes like this (if I'm not wrong) you got out of jail, were in the yard waiting for the red gate to open, killed a couple of cops, which at their time re-spawned as Wardeens and then you threw a grenade which killed you. In the screen of the report, there was you inside of the red gate, the cop which reported you just in front of the red gate and in the logs the damage you dealt to yourself with the grenade.
    I know you'd love to see the logs to double check what I've just told but sadly I do not posseess that information anymore. Once a report has been solved and then deleted, I, as staff can't go back through the logs of the situation, if you got any comment or any doubt, feel free to contact me either in this topic or discord, and I'll be more than happy to help you with your doubts and explaining you the reasons behind the punishment.

  • yes, I remember that day, I did not kill myself for the nade I played her and in sequence I was hit by the tazer, I could not move, I talked to the policeman later, it was not intentional, I was in low life I threw a I was hit by the tazer, I could not move.

  • I'm sorry to hear that. However, right now there's a script disabling the explosion damage you get while being tased. It was more of an accident situation. Eventhough I recognize accidents may happen every day, the punishment needed to be done just for pedagogical reasons. In that way you'll be a bit more self aware in the future with such situations.
    If you still need things to be cleared up, you can still contact me on here or in discord, as you please.