• Re: TST - The Strike Team
    Ingame Name: Flex
    Real Name: Louai
    Age: 18
    Country: Algeria
    Languages: french, english and arabic
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Algerien
    Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server ? / if yes why? yea i was kicked from the server but it was a joke from a staff member cuzz i was in his building area when he was doing some building staff.
    Have you ever been kicked from a Gang/squad ? / if yes why? no i haven't been kicked from a s gang/squad

    Part 2 / Your playtime in MTA/SAES.

    How long have you been playing MTA? iplay it for 1 Year
    How long have you been playing on SAES? a year.
    How many hours do you play in a day? like 2 to 4 hours or less it depends on the mood or the time i have.
    How many times do you visit the forums in a day? once or twice per week to check news but i have appliyed for something i check forums everyday.

    Previous gangs/squads?:
    Are you in any groups?: no.
    Do you have PC (Procop membership)?: No ihaven't.

    Part 3 / Questions about your qualifications.

    Strengths: i'm almost good at everything even i had a weakness point but not anymore i became better in sapa and i hope i perform more better in TST
    Weaknesses: no weakness point maybe i'll discover it in TST who knows hehe.

    Describe Deathmatch:
    Describe RolePlay: Role Play is when u act like in real life act and react just like the same u do in RL.
    Describe TeamWork: Teamwork is when u cooperate with someone else in order to succeed something.

    Add a picture of your "stats" by using www.imgur.com (press /stats ingame)(use spoilers: [ Spoiler][ /spoiler]:https://imgur.com/a/9T6JZvF

    Part 4 / What to do if.

    What would you do if you are chasing someone and they avoided arrest? i need to take a sceenshot and report him for avoing arrest.
    What would you do if someone came and asked you for a bribe?: i'll give him a bribe but i'll ask him questions (how u got the wanted stars) ect..
    Someone DMs you: i'll take a screen shot if i could then i'll report him.
    An admin asks you something: i'll listen to him and act gently.
    Someone from our squad with a higher rank calls you? i'll respond to him and react to his orders whenever i'm avaible.

    Part 5 / Additional Questions.

    Did any TST member suggest you to apply? Who? Yes, TST|Rocker|HQ suggested me to apply for TST.
    Did you have the chance to hang around with any TST before applying? If so who? yea i'm always spawned as a police man and i patrolled with all the different squads but i don't really remember the names.
    Where is our private forums?: in TST Group and i can't reach it since i'm not a TST member.
    Who is the Leader and the Vice leader of TST?: Arma is the Vice Leader and johhn is the Leader
    Why do you want to join TST?: i felt that TST is a good place for me where i can perform just like i used to do in SAPA and i hope i'll learn now things from TST
    Give us atleast one good reason to accept you?: okay, there's many reasons like pc and experience ect.. but i have a good reason for u i don't like negaivity specialy between the members so i hope we're all good and if someone has a problem with me please tell me in game before joining TST.
    Tell us something about yourself( more than 30 words): well i'm a normal guy i go to gym everyday i'm in high school nothing else to mention i guess i just hope TST will be second family after SAPA.
    Additional information: this the second squad that i apply for so u can understand that i'm a loyal guy so please whoever is reading this keep it cool with me and with all the members so we don't face problems.