Report Juilio

  • It happend arround 00:00 me and julio 1st fought for 1m on 1v1 box, i won him and he said rematch for 4m if i win he will pay 5m if i lose i pay 3m, so we both agreed. I was about to win him and matrix immidiately jumped on the ring and started punching me, saying i am lagger, i am using programs and so for me it is not right being a staff and doing things like that, I mean i dont care about the money i am reporting him just for you to know julio a little bit more. You have to be responsible in order to be a staff, not go and lie to people and try to scam them, as i said i dont care about the money just reported him because i dont find it right being a staff and doing stuff like that. I dont like being horrible person and reporting but I just didn't have another option, i try to avoid reporting others.

    P.S they are both CDC's

    Here are some proofs that may help you understand the situation a bit more:

  • About [CDC]MATRIX im 100%100 Sure to they are Scammer because haved scam and me yesterday about Julio idk

  • .

    You ignored my call to restart the game and wanted me to pay you anyway, knowing It was wrong and would have to restart the game
    So you started threatening me saying that you were going to report me, I realized at the moment that you had problems and I did not want any more involvement with you

    so when you realized that your plan would not work, you went back to the lake more logically, restarting the game, but unfortunately it was too late

    I think you would not mind sharing the video recorded with us so we can get a better view of what happened, or would you mind?
    [2019-01-30 22:10:05] [Output] : (P) UE|Petrow: i recorded everything since the beggingn

  • I didn't really take a video i just wanted to see your reaction, i was winning u by a fair way, why would I rematch I was winning it and matrix jumped in order to restart the match becuase u knew ur already lost the match. Be a realist, if you was winning like that would you risk and do a rematch

  • you are a staff and you should know the rules perfectly`. You probably told matrix to stop the fight because it was obvious that ur losing. I may have mental issues, but for sure i dont go and scam people as a staff 🙂 take that as a compliment

  • at the end i just got pissed off and i gave u an oppurtinuty to win me, u declined it so ...

  • Mate, understand something
    We were fighting and nothing was decided until the end of the fight. Matrix interfered in the fight because he notified you abusing his ping, as I could not see while fighting, I simply asked him not to disturb the fight and I called you to restart. You did not accept the request simply because you gave me more damage in mourning, something of 20 hp. How can you say that I scam you being that the fight was not ended?

    What we're seeing here is that you're trying to cover the truth. You could just accept the call to rematch, but you were greedy to the point of threatening me.

    How could I tell the matrix to interfere with the fight being that I was fighting? You saying that I'm going to steal people like staff sounds quite unusual to me because in all those 6 years playing here I never got related to any case of scam, why would I do it as a staff? Think a little bit about what you are saying and see if you really are right.

  • May I ask SAES HQ's for futher action please, thank you 🙂

  • julio mate, the thing is u was 60 hp down and you was looking for the restart becuase u knew the fight was over, dont even try to lie here. Why would I risk doing a rematch and losing, when u cheated during the fight by calling matrix to stop it. It was obvious that ur loosing i am repeating this 1000th time but its true, u knew ur loosing so u looked for the rematch, for the 2nd chance

  • we like to see the evidence
    [2019-01-30 22:10:05] [Output] : (P) UE|Petrow: i recorded everything since the beggingn

  • As I said I recorded nothing i just wanted to see his reaction.

  • I think ive put enough evidence from logs

  • i'd like to see a full log also from where the GT fight was supposed to be.

  • I've already given you the full log from our box 'fights'. Also I am not complaning about GT I made this report about the box matches that i've been scamed from

  • @Petrow said in Report Juilio:

    I've already given you the full log from our box 'fights'. Also I am not complaning about GT I made this report about the box matches that i've been scamed from

    it does matter cause it contains details, its either you give up full logs or report is marked invalid ?

  • i dont have full logs they are gone, since new ones appeared

  • @Petrow said in Report Juilio:

    i dont have full logs they are gone, since new ones appeared

    find it hard to believe that they are "gone" funny is mta caches logs for a few days 😉

    ![alt text](0_1549041978579_2b1d1df1-bf3d-4083-be8d-6c296507fbf0-image.png image url)

  • pastebin wont let me post everything cuz its too big

  • tell me another site

  • share it in parts or w/e google it.