In search of a Graphic Designer

  • Hello everyone,

    Organization Zero is in need of some new skin shaders, thus we are looking for a graphic designer to help us with the cause, investing some of his time and making some pocket money for himself. We're offering 50 euros to the one that makes the most appealing shaders regarding our standards and the payment can be done via Paypal/WesternUnion/Moneysafe/Moneygram/Paysafe.

    IDs of the skins are the following ones

    alt text
    alt text

    We want 2 shaders for each skin, one that will be used for Organization Zero spawn and one more for Organization Zero Nobility spawn, which will be apparently more elegant and classy. Feel free to be creative and implement your own ideas.

    After you're done with the work, hit me up on discord with screenshots of the shaders. This way, your unique ideas will remain private and unable to be copied. Discord ID: Fugitive#3796

    Kind Regards,

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