Hand Grenades should be prohibited

  • Greetings people,

    Before starting if you are having serious trouble with english proficiency or if you are a retard which finds this suggestion too long to read, try this summary which is in spoiler.


    I wanted to share a suggestion which may face with opposition from criminal side. As we all know, hand grenades are pain in the arse for police and criminals in SAES. Firstly, grenades have a massive role in "Arrest avoid" situation. Criminals who are not adapted to SAES rules usually use grenades consciously to suicide and avoid from arrest. Also accidently, people who are adapted to SAES rules can find theirself in this situation while trying to stop police which are chasing theirself. In both scenarios people being in trouble. Secondly, I would like to talk about roleplay side of grenades. I have done a quick research about the link between "army made grenades" and "gangs" in real life. Website author Chris Knox stated: "Grenades are heavily regulated as Destructive Devices. In general manufactured explosives are tightly controlled, but can be bought with a license, or if you're not into that, stolen from construction sites or mines.". I want to take your attention to two points over here, he says "grenades can be bought with a License" which means, a criminal can not find an explosive which is only being produced under control of armies and which can be only bought with a license. the second point is, he mentioned about the other way of obtaining a grenade which is "if you're not into that, stolen from construction sites or mines.", as we all can guess he is talking about explosives over here, not a hand grenade with a pin as we use in game. At final, I want to talk about accidents which are leading SAES to chaos. I have seen a lot of player that accidently threw a grenade in LV cross and caused big chaos because of that contagious explosions that starts a chain reaction off vehicle explosions and kills & damages people who chill in LV cross. Or not only the accidents, we all know that retarded people who can't resist to throw a nade when they see several players / vehicles together.

    In my opinion, only army and organisations which are as powerful as an army (CLO an CeM) should have such an extremely lethal weapons. Also I believe this can make a huge difference with the amount of reports. Just to give an example, half of my reports are based on hand grenades...

    Instead of taking criminal side's useful toys and giving them nothing, they can have molotovs which are less lethal, also fits in their roles. but still having this weapon might not stop some problems such as "arrest avoid" and "deathmatch in public areas".

    References and the writings that I want to share:
    BBC News
    NBC News

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  • I see your point but it has been part of the game for many years and so I see no reason to remove it from the general population.
    Yes some people abuse them but that is just a small portion of the server which, when misused to avoid or death match, get punished accordingly.

    As for the second part, Molotoves would be a great addition but would even cause more chaos then grenades. In the current state(as SAES disabled the damage) there is no point in having them to gain an advantage against your opponent.

    Also they aren't quite as regulated as you think: https://www.google.nl/search?q=handgranaat+gevonden

  • Even though I rarely use nades, I don't see the reason why they should be removed as they've been in the game for quite sometime now and we have dealt with them all these years quite fine.

    Also your suggestion is creative but indeed they would create more chaos, unless the script changes, molotoves and more specifically fire can be abused way too much more against cops from someone who has been here a while and knows to work around it for his advantage, quick example, you can't shoot or tase someone while you are on fire.

  • Grenades in-game have limitations, first a 10 second cool down and they’re also prohibited in certain areas. I don’t think removing them would have such a dramatic effect on the gameplay, and they’ve been around for a while so most players know how and when to use them properly.