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    The available football matches will be posted here.

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    Tomorrow Games (31.1.2019)

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    Max bet: 500k

    Min bet: 50k

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    Quick Note: If there are no bets to go against, the users will be refunded.

  • In-game nickname: Shaggy
    Match: Match 1, 3, 4, 5
    Bet: Crystal Palace, Liverpool, FC Porto, Chelsea
    Bet amount: Crystal Palace(250k), Liverpool(500k), FC Porto(250k), Chelsea(500k)

  • In-game nickname:Freddy
    Match:Match 1, Match 3, Match 4,Match 5
    Bet:Crystal Palace, Liverpool, FC Porto,Chelsea
    Bet amount:Crystal Palace(250k), Liverpool(500k), FC Porto(250k),Chelsea(500k)

  • @Shaggeh @Freddy Thanks for betting, meet me in-game so I can validate your bets šŸ™‚

  • In-game nickname: Bozi
    Match: 3,4,5
    Bet: Liverpool, FC Porto, Chelsea
    Bet amount: Liverpool (500k), FC Porto (250k), Chelsea(500k)

  • In-game nickname: Zei
    Match: 1,2
    Bet: Southampton, Nantes
    Bet amount: Southampton (100k), Nantes (150k)