Laptop keyboard issue

  • I've been having a really bad issue with my keyboard if I were to press r it will pop us as "urw" and when I press t it will pop up my windows help tab, I tried everything I seen online can someone please help me with any ideas on how to fix this before I have to pay to fix it

  • @ogkush, you using a laptop aren't you? That happens when the Window's key is stuck. I've got that happen to me before and its a pain in the ass. I have no idea how to give a permanent fix to that besides to disable it, you can google a Microsoft fix to the REGEDIT for that. However, the key will come back to "live" sooner or later.

  • @kipt ill try that out right now, thanks for the idea.

  • No solution any help?

  • Is it the same keys being toggled each time, like, if you press R, you get "urw" each time?

  • Happened once to me and managed to fix it, idk how but try following and trying that:

    alt text

  • @marko I tried that as well still the same nothing was changed.

  • @ardron yeah !!

  • Do you have discord or such for a teamviewer session?

  • @ardron I did have discord and teamspeak but that's about it

  • OgKush, I experienced the same with my laptop and I exactly know what it feels like. I tried everything but nothing solved my problem so as a last solution I had to replace my laptop's keyboard. I bought an original copy of the keyboard and let the service handle the rest and at the end of the day my problem was fixed.
    alt metni

  • @terry that was my solution thanks bro I bought a new keyboard and it's good as new.

  • @OgKush, spoiler alert: it will happen again

    For what I understood, @Terry took his laptop to a store to replace the whole keyboard (right, Terry?) which is smart, since the problem, and I said this before, is due to the fact that your windows key is stuck (or any other key). With a new external keyboard (for what I understood), all you did was push the problem for a bit.

  • Yeah I'm just using this until I completely get it fix