Miltiary Intelligence Section 6 was founded by Sir Ranger in October 2010, as a subordinate body of SA Prime Ministry in order to protect San Andreas soil against external threats. The organization's mission is simple, MI6 collects intelligence both overseas and in the country. This process is done in a secret way, after the intelligence is collected, it gets forwarded to either security forces or MI6's task force in order to get the required action to be taken.


MI6 is seperated into two main branches. While one's objective is to collect intelligence overseas about gangs, terrorist organizations and companies, the other one takes the required action in order to protect the San Andreas' interests and national security. Basicly the first branch is an intelligence branch while the second is a tactical branch. Both branches also have their sub-branches.


Intelligence gathering is basicly collecting information about gangs and terrorist organizations in order to forecast their illegal activities to protect the national security.

Gathering intelligence happens in three steps. In the first step intelligence gets collected via human reseources or technological devices, in the second step the intelligence gets anaylzed, analyzing process helps us to eliminate unuseful data, after this which brings us to the third step; using the intelligence.


Military Intelligence Section 6 has sworn to obey the constitution and the laws of Republic of San Andreas which are made by it's legislative organ the SAES:RPG community.


In intelligence gathering, human resources plays a vital role, MI6 needs individuals in both branches in order to expand it's global network. If you are interested fill out the application today!

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