• i payed 30M ingame at @clashgamer name ingame ICE|Clash|HQ and they sayning me to he din't get it can anyone HQ Staff told me what the hell he's happened ? i saw the ingame to i payed to him i checked the name like 2 times before pay it. all time i check the name good before i pay.! can anyone HQ Staff told me if he get it ? and tryning to scam me.? or he dint get it and he's happened any bug.?

  • there is it and the Schreenshot!:https://imgur.com/a/ieGeAss

  • Scammer!!!

    For real now he got the money it's right there on the top bar he just tried to get other 30 M by lying you could also have used TAB and check is balance before and after

  • Next time please ask for a trusted member of the community to stay as middle man between you and your opponent, i suggest either a G6, LWS or SAHA. im also around most of time.

    we do not deal with scams, its your own responsibility to get a middle man to play safe. any money lost in these types of scams will not be refunded by SAES.

  • @Tut-Greco i dint played in GT with Clashgamer. i just lend this money form some days and later i return it and they sayning me to he dint got it

  • the TT Arma check the Bank ATM ClashGamer and they was haved 11M only. and clash send me ss with the money in ATM and he was the same as and Arma said and there was not here online another ICE|Clash|HQ. for took it. http://prntscr.com/mbk204 http://prntscr.com/mbk268 Clashgamer's schreenshots

  • Not nice @clashgamer 😞 . @Tut-Greco explained it all.

  • Those pics don't prove shit. Your screenshot shows that you paid to some ICE|Clash|HQ, so unless you fake it, you did your part. If someone faked his nick to get that money well, rip I guess.

    As crash said, whenever you give people money, you should check, via TAB, if the money really went to the right person.

    I don't know Clash, not even a bit, so I can't say if he's a scammer or not. @Spicey, just to be sure tho, ask for the squad's money logs. Also, not that sure if SAES logs show the money transactions.