Anti-Cheat SD #33

  • I'm using NetLimiter to prevent Windows Defender Updates and Windows Updates.

    This detection struggles me a lot and I'm ending up with activating Shadow Defender then uninstalling NetLimiter, adding some microsoft entries on hosts file and hoping it doesn't waste my data for force updating some useless shit.

    There are a lot of different ways to lag-switch both by hardware switches or routing through a Linux setup like PfSense.
    Can't you prevent lag switching via freezing player like it happens on "I'm stuck" ?

    Please remove this detection and maybe code some algorithm if you have free time, I'm not into MTA scripting but I want to suggest a possible algorithm:

    Store players' average ping of 20 seconds,
    If player's lag increased more than 100 from average don't store that as average ping and check these:

    If player is a cop and in 100m range of a wanted player.
    If player is wanted and in 500m range of a cop.
    If player has /war ON.
    If player got damaged by another player in last 5 seconds.

    Also if, player gets x lag spikes in a limited time kick him for unstable connection.

  • Or we could use MTAs AntiCheat as intended 🤔

  • Disabling input injection was excellent but this is basically checking process names and just kicking you out even if you don't set a network rule for MTA. I'm still behind this suggestion.

  • I understand you are trying to 'save' your data due to I assume, a bandwidth limit per month but unfortunately, we won't be changing this because it affects one player. (I've not seen any other reports).

  • @Brophy Main reason is I don't want my OS get updates because my computer is very stable at the moment and updates have a little risk changing that. Second reason was preventing lag and saving data wasted by forced downloads.

    So, I'm having to freeze my computer with Shadow Defender this means few restarts. Please consider disabling this inaccurate anticheat check in future.


    I have NetLimiter as well and I had this issue, there are two solutions for your problem.

    1. You uninstall Netlimiter if all you need it for is to stop the updates you mentioned, you can easily just stop and disable them using another method. To do that, Hit "windows key + R" and type "services.msc" without quotes. Find windows updates service, open its properties, stop it and then put it as disabled, hit apply and you're all set.

    2. Second method is that you'll have to stop Netlimiter's services before opening MTA. Again, Hit "windows key + R" and type "services.msc", stop Netlimiter's service, you don't have to disable it. You should be good.