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  • Hello, as title says, this post about Gang Robs . What i want to say is what about to bring back gang robs? Yeah i know and all of you knows its a big war between gangs, many reports,hate and shit behaviors. Maybe we can fix it somehow and add it back? It was fun to be honestly , i remember 2014-2015 ,also when i was VA , it was nice memories... I think old UE guys still remember that big war between B~B xDD . UE,MMC,BS, vs B~B,HS & RDMC. Not only this ofc and many others wars.
    Every gang had a tactic how to defend their safe , like their gang's heart xD or how to attack this gang and who and where stay in which position 😄 .
    My idea is bring GRs back , i mean i want all gangs to be in GRs. GR system (script) still on server but not all gangs have a safe. Some gang have quit from it like we B~B have quited from it long time ago, yeah because almost all gangs quit from it and we also decided to quit from GRs but we still have safe in our base.
    These days turfing and bank robbing are boring i think. Yeah there still fights for banks xd, challange like cracking race xd. but it also boring. Maybe im wrong and GRs will get more hates. Its just suggestion and i want hear your opinions. It was fun for me and my friends even when we lose.
    And maybe make a new system like gang that just get lvl2 cant be in GRs bcz they are new in business but if they sure they are ready to be in , leader can request to be in. But a gang that lvl3 must be in GRs and defend their safe !
    And also cracking these days is ez (not from trainer ofc xD) as i remember there is 7m on GR crack pad.
    As i said i want hear your opinions, lets think together and decided something.

    Here is old pic from our successful GR , old but gold xD 😄
    alt text

    P.S. dunno if this is right section for this... anyways.

  • Wow, such an awesome time.. I still remember UE's invisible walls at base , but it was fun, I fully agree with you Matizz.

  • I hope admins listen to you and bring it back, not much things to do in SAES nowadays tbh 🙂

  • One of the few players that want to make SAES as what it was

  • I think here admins cant do nothing , script is here on the server , working but only gangs and gang leaders with HQ team should decide.
    Yeah it will turn in big war with shits and hates , what i want is to make it without hates, ofc its imposible. If you lose just say "ggwp" and go on you can take revanche and win .

  • +1

  • Yeah great would love to see this back

  • this game is created 20 years ago its normal to have some bugs and unfixed things

  • The resource is still live but no one uses it.

    I'm not sure at the moment, but TT doesn't even have a safe in their base since 2015-2016. To be fair, I don't think O has one either.

    That said, it's up to the gang themselves.

    @MatizZ said in [Discussion]Gang Robs:

    If you lose just say "ggwp" and go on you can take revanche and win.

    'Just' losing was never the problem with GR. Was all the bullshit around it. Such as trash talking, anim abuse, spawn killing, spawn blocking, GRing while a gang was hosting a BR, fuck knows what else.

    So yhaaaa, if a gang wish to resume the GR thing, I think they're free to do it.

  • @kipt Yeah ik maybe some scripts like while gang BRing , another gang cant gr them? scripts can fix it and it will avoid abuses, i think so.
    Maybe new rules for it.

  • force all gangs to get a safe/gr if gangs cant defend their safe , then no place for them arround SA!
    it will raise activity too

  • The flame war and the cry babies we see nowadays that bind f12 on w, will never stop. Seperate GR and BR rights and it might work, gangs cant be arsed to have GR that can risk them their BR rights for a minor rulebreak

  • Those who wanna gr can make a deal

  • It's already separated like 1 or 2 years ago, isn't? I think we should make GRs not so strict, we can think it like turfs. I dont mean allow spawn kills, nades and anims... no .
    Maybe instead of stealing money in GRs , gangs will steal points? each GR 300 points for example . As you see @Ikzelf 's suggestion >https://saesrpg.uk/topic/2489/g-s-leaderboards
    Leaderboards will show which gang has many points like: 1st: Agang - 2500p 2nd: Bgang - 2000p 3rd: Cgang -1000p and etc. Every 1 or 2 months leaderboards will refresh from start. It also helps GM to see which gang activity/inactive.
    Yeah it also need to be scripted ik
    We can think how to improve it.

  • I think it'd be nice to make it a level 4/5 requirement thing, not sure it's fair on the lower level small gangs

  • i would support this idea +1

  • @Kain Well, I remember defending MG's safe against a TT & AA army with just a deagle and a combat-shotgun. Let them grow some balls from the start.

  • @Kain Yeah i think it will be fair , for now we have 8 lvl 5 gangs and 3 lvl4 gangs. As @kipt let them grow some balls from the start, but also i remember while i was VA(lvl2 gang) we was rekting lvl5-lvl4 gangs those times. Lower level doesnt mean they are low in skills, its all about tactics and base mapping. i think. As i said cracking is easy these days, i think a lvl2 gang even have like 3-4 crackers. We can make just like this - a lvl 2 gang that just got a base/spawn they are not ready to be in GRs maybe 1 month or 1-2 weeks is enough for them, to understand that they are an official gang with BRs,GRs,Turfs abilities.

  • Gang Robs are shit. What fun in there in getting robbed every 4AM when 2 members are just casually playing the game? Forcing it would just be a big 'Fuck you' against casually people who aren't here to have constant war but also want to do other activities.

    Yes, gang robs are a nice idea but it does not work out in the current state.

  • @Ikzelf That's why i created this topic, we can improve it maybe some new scripts or maybe a new gang rob script will improve it.