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    -RP Number 1-

    RP title : The beginning

    Participants : @Karma @Flex @Arone

    Story : One day when UTO members hanging around LS and planning to do a terrorist operation, they saw a cop riding a car and lonely in the street, UTO members say that's a good time to kidnap some one , we follow him and we blocked the cop with our cars and destroy his car then we tell him to hands up and we start kidnaping him after a while we took him to place that none can see us and we killed him .

    Screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/AWRagSo

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    Activity Type : meeting
    Date : 08/06/18
    Screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/ukGFHh7

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    -Event Number- 01
    Event Type : Fallout Shooter.

    Event Price : 1.000.000$

    Event Winner : Jusu.

    Event LWS/G6 : Strong

    Screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/70QNIVm