Hell Hounds Motorcycle Club
By Brondy, in Groups

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    You can reach the media archive and discord link in short ways

    ||Hell Hounds MC Trailer || Short Video ||

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    In 2018 - Hellhounds MC founded by brondy and was a famous motorcycle club in the country, once upon a time they wanted to defeat everyone by winning a big motorcycle club wars but things never went like that at the same time our enemies were following us, enemies were waiting for us to leave the base and go to the wars, unfortunately hell hounds mc prospects and patch members didn't know enemies were following them, time came and we got into the freeways even we are focused on winning the big wars. When we went to war in case our enemies attacked our base there was no other person in the base than the base cleaner hatice lady, they killed hatice and they caused very high damage to our base and organized a big bomb to Hell Hounds base, After coming from wars brondy saw what happened at the base, and brondy knew that our enemies did that, but he didn't know there was a bomb inside of base, the Bomb suddenly exploded and everything became lousy, everybody and Hell Hounds Motorcycle club has suffered a bad loss of damage and brondy was in the hospital for months due to accident and also his motorcycle group mates lost their lives in the hospital.

    In 2019 - Brondy showed how resistant he is, and he visited the graves of the deceased club mates, after visiting group mates he went to the grave of base cleaner hatice lady and brondy laid flowers on her grave, after that Brondy returned to Red County and he still had the motorcycle spirit in his soul, he wanted to rearrange everything and he went to the motorcycle bar at the bone county and when he entered the bar he saw his blood brother zaza, Brondy him the story of Hell Hounds and they cooperated with the Zaza as in the old days, and they decided to redevelop Hell Hounds MC, Zaza contacted his former motorcycle friends and after collectıng everyone they began to buy large areas and motorcycle bars by the way, and everything started again from zero. The right day has come and they decided to destroy their enemies that attcked Hell Hounds MC base brondy and zaza after collecting club prospects all went to Flint county for destroy their enemies brutally killed all the enemies in case brondy made their bases unrecognizable and brondy used these words for enemies (We do not merely destroy our enemies, only we change them)


    Founder : Brondy

    Vice President : Sneijder

    Group Budget : $300.000.000

    Date of Creation : 04.01.2019.

    Group Tag : [HHMC]Name[Rank]

    Group Helper Tag : Sup88|Name

    Group Base Location : Red County, You can find a picture of it below.

    Group Motto : " Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery, Ride and Live Today. "

    Group Hex Code : #620677

    Members in total : 20 (Including VIPs)

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    Hell Hounds Motorcycle Club - Base

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    Hell Hounds Motorcycle Club - Meeting Place. (with it's interior.)

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    The prez is the leader of the chapter. He is the clubs figurehead and is usually the spokesman when dealing with the police or the media. The prez is the chairman at club meetings and represents the chapter at national meetings.

    Brondy @brondy


    The vice president is second in charge and fills in when the president is away. The vice prez is often the heir apparent to the clubs leadership although this isn’t always the case. It’s his job to make sure that matters passed at club meetings are carried out satisfactorily

    Sneijder @Sneijder


    The secretary is responsible for the clubs paperwork. He keeps minutes of meetings and records dates of significant events, such as anniversary dates (when prospects gain their patch). He corresponds with other gangs and it’s his job to keep members informed of upcoming events. The secretary is usually responsible for keeping records of club assets although the treasurer will do this in some gangs

    Duff @Duff


    The treasurer is the chapters’ money-man and he’s in charge of collecting club fees, run funds etc and paying the bills. The treasurer is responsible for collecting any debts owed to the gang and usually gets the job of checking out business opportunities prior to any decisions being made. The treasurer is usually the person who handles the proceeds of a gangs illegal activity.

    Gladiator @Gladiator

    Zaza @zaza


    The sergeant at arms is basically the gangs “policeman” although most would not like to be referred to in this way! He enforces club procedures and maintains order at club meetings. The sergeant is in charge of security at gang events and he is responsible for “back ups” (attacks on rivals). The sergeant looks after the gangs’ firearms and other weapons.

    Radio @RadiO


    Most motorcycle gangs have a position known as Road Captain. He is in charge of logistics during a club run. He plans the route and organises refuelling stops etc. The Road Captain rides at the front and leads the pack with the president. The position of Road Captain is usually a “non executive” position.


    The Enforcer will lead either himself alone or himself and his assistants through the task, dictating the roles of each person, then strategizing the task's plan. With this role, the Enforcer will be expected to properly execute every task given to him, this is a great responsibility; they will be held responsible for any 'fuck-ups' that may occur within a task, by which they will be punished for with either a fine, or a beating of some sort. If the Enforcer fails to complete 3 tasks in a row, they will lose their position as the Enforcer and will be demoted back to a patched member. The Enforcer will require the Captain to provide all items required for a task, the Enforcer is not responsible for obtaining any of the required items.

    Arma @Arma


    Patchmembers are members of the club who have earned the right to wear the gangs colours, after a suitable period spent “prospecting”. They take part in the running of the club and attend the gangs weekly meeting (“church”). They are commonly referred to as “members” or, in some clubs, “patches”.

    Bernasx @Bernasx

    Shakespeare @Shakespeare

    Silence @Silence

    Killer @Killer


    A prospect is a “prospective” member of the club who is yet to earn his patch. Prospects are expected to do what they are told and follow the orders of patchmembers. They must be prepared to engage in illegal activities to prove their loyalty to the gang. Prospects have no voting rights and do not attend meetings unless invited in.

    Dexter @Dexter

    Dodo @Dodoo

    Jakel @JaKeL

    Carl @Carl-JR

    Avanger @Avanger

    Disaster @Disaster

    Judyes @Judyes

    Ludaka @LuDaKa

    Bolt @Bolt

    V.I.P's are the ones which supported us while creating the club and helped with their donations.

    Pular @PulaR

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    Delivering Goods :
    Our club members are able to deliver goods inside the city and deliver it to the buyer. Member's are not allowed to deliver without security. (Atleast 3 club members including him, or paying (someone, or a security group) to help him while delivering.

    Blackmailing People for money :
    Our authorized members are able to give orders to Enforcers to blackmail people, firstly the buyer has to pay one of our authorized member, then our Enforcers will make his request done succesfully.

    Arms Selling :
    Since we are delivering weapons, our club has a lot of weapon inside the depot. Sergeant at Arms members are liable about selling weapons to buyers. Also, they are liable to give orders to Enforcer members to do the meeting instead of them if they are not available.

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    This is what we want from you.
    In order to join our club, you don't have to leave your current organisation. Applying when our recruitment is open will be enough. Your application will be answered by our authorized members. Sending them messages ingame / forums to check your application will decrease your luck to join group.

    Additional Information

    What is your Real Name:

    Age :

    Country of residence :

    What other languages ​​do you know? :

    Rate your english skills :

    Please tell us a little bit about yourself, (Write minimum 50 Words) :

    In-Game Information and Motivation Part

    What is your Ingame NickName

    Account name (?) :

    Do you have discord ? :

    How many day hours do you spend in-game in a day :

    How long have you played on MTA and SAES :

    Have you ever been banned or jailed by SAES admin/staff (if so please write the reason) :

    Previous gangs/squads/:(explanation of why you left/ or kicked) :

    What would you say your weaknesses and strengths are? :

    This is where the effort goes when you want to join, why do you want to join HHMC ? :

    For what reason we must accept you, and what you can offer us (Please write more information here because this part is important) :

    Accepted : means that you have shown good efforts to join our club and became usefull to group with your events / roleplays to group. Your application has been approved.

    Pending : means that you passed your application stage. Now you will have to make events / roleplays (or try to participate our roleplays) in our media archive to also pass in-game stage to make your application approved.

    Denied : means that your application / english level is poor or you have shown bad attitude in game towards to our authorilized members. You are free to try your chance by applying again after a week.

    Your sincerely

    Hell Hounds Motorcycle Club

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    a.Real Name: Moemen
    b.Age: I'm 14 Years Old.
    c.Nationality: Tunisia
    d.Languages you can talk: Frensh-Arabic And English.
    e.Rate your english skills: Can give to my self 7/10
    f.Tell us about yourself, minimum 50 words: Well,my real name is Moemen I'm born and raised in Tunisia . I'm a really mature person, who shows both respect and honor in my work. I respect every person who have a higher rank than me ingame, and I'd do anything to serve them. I'm a well-skilled roleplayer, and at the same time a really loved person on the sever. I've got alot of compliments for my good roleplaying abilities, and at the same time for my clean and understandable langauge. I'm a person who writes alot, and I also like to. Also besides that, I'm a fast keyboard typer, which is good. I do not suffer from any mental diseases, which makes me unstable. I don't get easily mad, I have a long fuse, which is good in situations where you have to talk alot, and perhaps explain something complicated to a person with a low knownledge in English. I'm a male and I'm 14 years old. I'm a really mature person compared to my age. As said. Age doesn't define majority. It's all about the environment you grow up in, and the surrounding people you're being with. I'm a good social person, and I love to meet new people and make new friends.

    a.Ingame Name: Orten
    b.How long have you played on MTA and SAES: I'm Start Playing MTA Since 2013 And SAES Too.
    c.What would you say your skills and strengths are?: ...
    d.What is your weaknesses : Flying-Shooting-Driving-Parachuting-Aiming
    e.What is your current G/S/C: Hanging with CripZ.
    f.Are you a part of any group?: No.
    g.Why should we accept you: U Should accept me Because I'm Very Active,Respect Players And Skilled.
    h.What can you offer as: Can Offer Events,Roleplays,Activity,Etc...
    j.Add a screenshot with your freeway in a spoiler. https://imgur.com/a/23sFiSx

  • alt metni

    To be aware of the activites and such, feel free to join our discord!

    a.Real Name: Oussama
    b.Age: 16 years old
    c.Nationality: Tunisien
    d.Languages you can talk: Arabic, English and Frensh
    e.Rate your english skills: 7/10
    f.Tell us about yourself, minimum 50 words: I am knowing ingame as RadiO, but my real name is Oussama Jemli, i was born in beautiful country in Tunisie called Sousse on the 23rd of October 2002, i am now sixteen years old . I live with my family in Sousse,my father works as a School Director and my mother is a Dentist i love her so much such as my Brother he is a puple in a Private School. I’m studying in Economices class and i would like to be Economiqe teacher or maybe a Bank Manager. I like listening to English music, playing computer games and Bascketball. Also i am intersted to Agriculture, Space Scinces, GTA Game Moding and playing on SAES:RPG i like it so much. I always go to GYM with my brother but sometimes i go to the Consert or the Cinema with my girlfriend.

    a.Ingame Name: RadiO
    b.How long have you played on MTA and SAES: both since 2015 but iwas inactive for a long period and i back since 2 months ago
    c.What would you say your skills and strengths are?:i have some strengths like communicating, teamwork, maturity, listening and obey the orders given by the higher ranked individuals, also roleplaying is one of my strongest sides too.
    d.What is your weaknesses ; Sometimes a bad network
    e.What is your current G/S/C: Organization Zero
    f.Are you a part of any group?: Cluckin' Bell
    g.Why should we accept you: In my case I want to be accepted because I am a person able to respond to all kinds of situations, also i am an active an skillful player and i have some experiance i was in BBMC and i learn many about MCs there
    h.What can you offer as: Loyalty and honor also my activitys such as RPs and some Events
    j.Add a screenshot with your freeway in a spoiler.

  • @Orten @RadiO
    All of you are pending, just try to join our roadtrips and activites which will be organized today.

    Discord link fixed:

    a.Real Name: Doğukan
    b.Age: 20
    c.Nationality: Turk
    d.Languages you can talk: English
    e.Rate your english skills: 7/10
    f.Tell us about yourself, minimum 50 words: Im Dogukan , knowing as Dodoo in-game. Started saes about 6 years before it. My first experience was VA at the time i've played saes for 1 year max. And i've quited it for some months , but i was playing once in a week. And i did this quit-restart thing a lot for my friends who interested game and hyped me for playing and they're all quited then i had to quit. But now im playing myself and restarted back to server about 4 month ago. Im in TT now and looking for Nice and Mature friends to be-in with same group.

    a.Ingame Name: Dodoo
    b.How long have you played on MTA and SAES: 4 Years.
    c.What would you say your skills and strengths are?: I can adapt to any formation in any place. Im loyal to my highranks mostly. and i trust myself on in-game skills.
    d.What is your weaknesses ; Cause of my personality im excited person a bit.
    e.What is your current G/S/C: Tuga Thugs
    f.Are you a part of any group?: Yes ; TheMotorHeads - CunningStunts - CluckingBell
    g.Why should we accept you: I trust myself for the requirements of this group
    h.What can you offer as: I can offer ; Loyalty , Active and a Good GroupMate
    j.Add a screenshot with your freeway in a spoiler.

  • alt metni

    • @Ortenn Thanks for your interest in joining Hell Hounds MC. However, I'm sorry to inform you that your application goes denied. You've made a poor application and you don't seems to have the minimum experience to join us. Feel free to apply again in 1 weeks, starting from today

    • @RadiO @Dodoo We have seen your effort while trying to join us.That means your status is approved. Accepted

    * President Of Hell Hounds MC