Reporting Kawaii and Makabra

  • Hello,

    I have been driving around Los Santos till those two players showed up ramming me and blocking my way, one of them tried to block me outside of pay n' spray but couldn't succeed till they ended up by going straight into a fuel station inorder to blow me up.

    I chose to let their superiors decide what will their punishments be, but they apparently didn't give a fuck about it. Thus, I am leaving it here. And this report is directed to the admins only.

  • Report has been dealt with

  • Such players know the rules very well, "verbally warning" them won't do anything. They chose to piss me off at that moment so they won't do it again inorder to get punished after the verbal warning

  • as i initially said in our conversation, the staff handling your report 14 days ago did verbally warn the players and so if this repeats, the likelihood of a punishment is much greater as they aren't first-time offenders. (just like i explained in our pm).

    #case closed.

  • This post is deleted!