• @Kain [Groups like LWS/G6 exist to also be middle men in situations like these to prevent scams] i call SAES>Bunny
    [ @Bunny ] bunny were there and watched the match So he told me to report here

  • If bunny was watching the match then why are you reporting here?

    And to be honest, since you are obviously the only one that's always being 'scammed' there must be something wrong with you don't you think?

    I have seen how you do things and then you pick the screenshots you want and use for your reports, you ask someone to fight for 1mil for exemple, he would reply he wants to fight for 2 mils and you refuse and say 1 mil only.
    And then after you win and he gives you 1 mil only you start moaning about the other 1 mil and you start pming us SAES members screenshots that he wanted to fight for 2 mils.

    I'm not saying you're doing this all the times but I have seen you do it myself being a middle man, then you dare send me screenshots, like I wasn't even reading the chat.

  • bunny told mee he din't have time and he told mee goo report ther

  • and you can ask him @Bunny @master

  • Next time when you ask for a middleman, please make sure he knows most of your boxing matches will probably end up in 2 people moaning over nothing, and make sure he has enough time to deal with all the moaning.