i play vs UE|Micheal|48 1vs1 Boxing he win first game for 10m i pay him and we play again for 30m i win he left the game today he join the game and told me play again for 60m i told him no for 30m he sayd if you win you will get 90m play for 60m i sayd noo for 30m and ADMIN Bunny watch the game and see all the chat [Micheal make he name Henk] and i win him for more 30m he payed mee only 30m and sayd its rm not for more 30m soo i wan't my money pls !! @Bunny
    that the proof for first game: https://imgur.com/a/RP2ciLA
    @Tut-Greco @Licano

  • We don't support personal events such as the above and therefore do not punish for scams.

    Groups like LWS/G6 exist to also be middle men in situations like these to prevent scams. Please contact someone from either of these groups to be a middle man in the future, thanks.