negligence of the administrator

  • I play under the nickname 215|Batya|Bidla
    my batya8890 account.
    I was given a ban player named Arma.(12 hours).I completely disagree with his decision, as he did not even understand what happened.briefly try to outline what happened:
    I was standing at the main intersection in LV (LVX), on my black Sabre car (standard). I've had crime stars (like 7). I got out of my car and started just randomly running in different directions.Then I saw 2 policemen from the squad NNB began to walk around.One of them took the car and started to ride it next, the second was the player NORI began to shoot me with a police gun (Taser), I thought he wasn't serious ,but when I was hit by the first police officer in the car and NORI shot me with a police gun,I decided to throw a grenade at them.I blew up two of these cops ,and then @Arma wrote me something in the chat, but I did not even read,because I turned off the computer ,due to the fact that I feverishly rang the doorbell friends. I abruptly turned off the computer and went to open the door. an hour later, the friends left and I decided to go to the server . I have the show banned for 12 hours because of DM . It is worth considering that @Arma did not interrogate me ,but just gave this ban , although I did not break the rules for a long time. As those who can confirm it, the player Nori whom I killed will approach if he is not afraid of this arma. But it will be very good if you look at the server logs. in them all will be very well seen!
    Demand unban, because my actions were justified ,and in my opinion have confirmation

  • Ok so first of all i was there and i saw everything, both cops was just standing near their car and you just throw a nade at them, when i asked you why did you DM them , you just logged off without answering me, you can't avoid me this way, you should have answered at least then you can log, but what you did made you more guilty.

  • @Arma no, the first hit me with a car,and the second shot. You must be blind.

  • @Arma it wasn't my fault I went out. Imagine that you will frantically ring the doorbell. I had to go and open it . You're a liar who can't confess.

  • and even just killing cops when you have stars is not a ban. Rather, it was necessary to give the admin jail. Even then you're fucked up

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