Reporting For Deathmatching

  • Your in-game name: Steven
    Your account name: ziadi
    Your MTA serial: 0C0CE5A98AB7913E7F79DEFA0DA2C8A2
    The rule(s) this player has broken: Deathmatching
    Name of the complained player(s)Case Sensitive: UE|Loc & TheBadBoyTuram & Pearl
    Around what time did this incident occur? (Include time-zone & date): 12/26 2018
    Detailed explanation of what happened: I was playing as a criminal and some people were killing me without doing anything to them They insult me and I will give you all that proves it
    What language is used (if any): English
    Proof (Full-screen screenshots or videos): & & & & & &

  • @Steven for reports surrounding deathmatch and other non-serious offenses it's recommended to use the ingame /report feature. Staff handling your case will not be granted access to vital forms of proof such as damage and chat logs if it's done via site.

    On screenshots provided you're locating the guys, while in others they are seen in chat telling <someone> to stop. It is unclear what's going on and wether or not you're making them attack you. Please explain what happened from your side, something obvs isn't right

    ps. another reason for relying on ingame reports are that you can tag the reported players so that we can check if they're online, or playing under different nicknames

  • Several people has been spoken to since my last reply here, including Licano who sorted around 3 reports against you deathmatching and provoking people this night.... reported players has also explained what occured (also admitted to their own rulebreaks according to rule 1; revenge deathmatching) and are all 3 verbally warned for their violations.´

    i am going to close your report with the outcome being yourself receiving a punishment for respectively violating rule 1 and the more serious being rule 10; do not report users for false events or making up what happened thinking you'll get innocents punished. please consider starting fresh next time you log on and refrain from repeating evens like this.