Reporting Chasin for DM

  • Hello community,

    I want to report @ChasinTLSN here in Forum because in-game nothing happens. And also the community can see what's happening in game for bad things.

    Today i was playing in jail for a while, after some minutes came @ChasinTLSN inside the jail and killed me for no reason while he was spawned as Police officer. I said to him that i will report him, his answer was to "get Lost".

    SS Here:


    alt text


    When i respawned to report him in game he send me some PM where he say:

    [2018-12-23 16:05:25] [Output] : <PM> ChasinTLSN: next time don't bark that much
    [2018-12-23 16:05:32] [Output] : <PM> ChasinTLSN: so you wont get shot
    [2018-12-23 16:17:11] [Output] : <PM> ChasinTLSN: about the dm, go for it, less barking like a dog next time, instead of that guy donate some of your money that your parents gave you

    After all that i reported him in-game, and the message what came back was "Report been handled".



    alt text


    I'm pretty sure that he did not get at all punished, because i was all this time online and nothing happens. As well i was checking the logs to make sure that he got punished and i did not see nothing.

    So community and SAES,

    you can see that when someone report's lets say a Famous player in game, like 3000 hours and over admins/staff won't punish them at all. As i said many times if you have many friends in saes you can do whatever you want because the rules will not count for you. No that's very wrong every single person should get the same punishment like everyone here in the community. A rulebreak is a rulebreak.

    @ChasinTLSN after DMing me for no reason as police officer he also talks back like he want to say me that he have power ingame, like in the PM above.

    I want to see that a admin or staff punish him as well. The rules are not here for joke!

    I hope this issue will be solved very soon thank you very much and merry christmas.

  • You were being a annoying mocking cunt and were threatening me about reporting about that I was camping there as a cop and non warden, telling me that I am FORCED to spawn as a warden whenever I'm in jail, which I'm not. Before that you started to punch me with your nightstick and just got verbally annoying as fuck, so it pissed me off.
    I've already had a talk with @Sam_ about it, we did talk about it and I definetely agree that I shouldn't shoot you. Aswell include your fucking insults too what you've said up there, since you've put alot of effort in it. You seriously have nothing better to do then make a shitstorm here, spawning as a cop once in year and this retard makes me want to never spawn as one anymore. Go run a few circles around your house you fat cunt.

    Btw gtfo back to your copycat server with your ICE buddies, as you guys love being there.

    Merry fking christmas.

  • @ChasinTLSN why are you chasing your post all time ? i have learn and the 4 topics you have edit. you sayning bullshits and change it later. before you sayning FUcking Merry Christmas now changed and you was haved sayning more bullshits and changed it.!

  • @Spicey you can fuck off aswell bandwagoner, I was just being sure what I reply. Mister 'I'm gonna report you V2' you guys must have been shot alot by me as a crim.

    All that hate and bitterness towards me, unbelievable.

  • And @Spicey why are replying to this topic? I know i shouldn't too but this is just me warning u that u shouldn't. This report has nothing to do with you, so u should just read and watch. I'm not in nobody side but i think ur ICE partner is already a big boy and can answer for himself

  • No one but the reporter, reported, and admins should reply to any reports @Spicey @Cruz . Merry Christmas.

  • @ChasinTLSN “Are you kidding? Learn how to respond after some one report you. And don't be defensive angry and self-conscious, Because i told you that you must be warden to camp in jail you had to dathmach me.You don't know the F1 rules. who gave you the right to deathmatch. IF you think that i insulted you by telling you that you can not camp in jail as one Trooper (police rank) then you must be uneducated. your behaviour and attitude is unacceptable you must be psychopath.According what to said about @Sam that you speak with him and he definitely agree. You are one very Big Lier same on you.
    Now let's get back to the issues you admit that you deathmatch me in your statements so why you must not get adinin jail. Form STAFF AND SAES. WHO YOU ARE ?
    now about punch and nightstick that you said it's not true and it's not DM. And let's say it was then you must not revenge you must take screenshot and are long time player you must know the SAES F1 rules so you kill me on purpose. According with SAES POLICY You must get admin jail or get one warning from one administration and apologize to me i wood accept the apologize.
    But nothing happened instead you are continued insulting me saying mocking cunt -- fat cunt. and you admit that you deathmatch me.
    Merry Christmas

  • So James is completely right, i never ever agree with you @ChasinTLSN. This time i was not even online and i did not know nothing about it.
    Let me say something to the issue as well, as everybody know rules are rules. With rules the server stay alive without rules you can call this server a DM server. As james said above that everyone should get Punished it doesn't matter if you have 10000 Hours. Even an Administrator can get punished even they have Rules. The same for everybody!

    Merry Christmas!!
    Regards Sam.

  • Yes, James is a angel in this point. A guy who didn't get any help in-game, and me aka Chasin being a complete asshole by the looks of the report. Hitting with a nighstick for countable and insulting me, doesn't seem to be problem just because I am someone who's telling the facts and been here for a long time, such a familiar scenario where someone making himself innoncent, and then expecting me to kiss on his cheek, we're not on a fucking kindergarden. I can be banned for this shit here just simply because I am myself, it's all okay. Facts will stay as a facts anyways. ICE members are all equally retarded, so I don't give a shit.

  • In the end of the day I'm not giving a single fuck about you James, even after the post you made here. Case closed from my side.

  • @ChasinTLSN I Never said that i want you to get banned, I reported you for deathmatching and this offense is punished by admin jail from one administrator. Only if you have Multiple reports you can get banned from what i know. Now about yourself, we can see how bad dirty mouth you have and no respect, I did not make one scenario where someone making himself innocent because i didn't not deathmatch you in the game. I only want your punishment for breaking F1 SAES rules.
    Because when i told you that i will report, your answer was "get Lost" <PM> ChasinTLSN: next time don't bark that much <PM> ChasinTLSN: so you wont get shot.
    So this seem to me that you don't care if you get admin jail,Or you are one hundred percent of yourself you will not get admin jail.Why ? MR @ChasinTLSN.
    A rulebreak is a rulebreak.
    Merry Christmas.

  • Case closed from my side