Killing bankrob cracker

  • For the past years we've seen that Outfit has always had a difference among the other gangs .They call themself as untouchables,apart from that when we do even a small rulebreak we surely face with rulebreak punishments . However when an outfit member feels the confidence in him to kill a cracker when just about to start a bankrobbery is totally unacceptable.There has been some suggestions about raising the bank numbers and these suggestions have been all about preventing the fights that would happen between gangs during bankrobs and this case is a simple example of it.I hopefully wish that some measures will be taken about this situation.



  • I'm actually surprised what you said is escalated to "O is getting favor" from a deathmatch report. I killed him because he stole the marker spot right after Human left to another O member to crack, we can clearly see that by your provided screenshots.
    Even after we killed each other rest of O members didn't even touch rest of cripz members.
    @System31 is also the witness for that and of course, @Human_

  • Well, this report is going to be impossible to solve with either person happy the way I see it. The rules are pretty clear - a gang can only claim a bank rob if a full team of robbers is present.

    From my own logs showing global and team chat, I found nothing on either side first asking for help in BR, so this is just down to eye witnesses saying who was there first.

    Best I have is this
    [2018-12-20 19:13:33] [Output] : (CC) [B~B]Honer[1312]: chips ls br

    Either way, although you can offer your own console logs for this, at the end of the day it's a question of who had a team in the bank first and that's impossible for anyone to prove because we don't video bank interiors 24/7. In which case the report can't really be solved.

    Either way I'll forward it to @Hesha @Nemesis @nicus