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    Greeting, this is the main Media Archive for the gang [SONS] , better known by Sons Of Chaos MC.

    Our main topic is under:

    *Please refrain from posting here unless you're a member of the Club.

    • roleplay events shall be related to our existence as a MC club.

    -Event Format:

  • Event type: (Road Trip)
    Explain: we met at BC clubhouse and took our bikes in a trip around SA and ended by a Store Robbery near to angel pine.
    Event Host: Reddust
    Participants: 1-Reddust. 2-Juliano. 3- Villa. 4-Daudd. 5-Danijel 6-Creepy. 7-Matthijs.
    Date and time: 2018/20/12 1:00 AM
    Screenshots or record: https://imgur.com/KZQIrQ4

  • Rebels MC and Sons of Chaos MC hunt

  • -Event type: Bank Robbery
    -Explain: we robbed LS bank publicly.
    -Event Host: Rebel MC members along with us
    -Participants: Villa and Legalny from our MC and other bikers from different MCs and other criminals
    -Date and time: 26/12/2018
    -Screenshots or record: https://i.imgur.com/5ITRRYM.jpg

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    Ready to help, but..
    Sons of Chaos MC Story:

    (i forgot to remove the chatbox, so i removed some private lines)

  • -Event type: LS Bank Robbery (Public)
    -Explain: we met at LS Bank and robbed it
    -Event Host: [Sons18]Villa|HQ
    -Participants: Agricultor, DAUDD, Nutellaguy, (Ziby+Bas from REBELS MC)
    -Date and time: 27/12/2018
    -Screenshots or record: https://i.imgur.com/hBfnLft.jpg

  • Sons Of Chaos MC Roleplay: 1
    Drugs do kill people, and so we do.
    Story: The Sons were meeting at a clubhouse, discussing their power and ability to make a change, when a random biker sarcastically questioned their ascendancy on their territories, at that time, the President of the club, Reddust told him that he'll see who truely rules the street, he then took his guys, making a road trip around their territories, to punish any violation on their rules, when they got near to BBMC clubhouse, they found a suspicious man, a drug dealer, they got to him, found a huge amount of drugs, being delivered to school children, the HQ of the MC Villa, Punched him to the face and took him into their van, they finally killed him in the woods, buried him there. and got back to their work.


  • -Event type: Turf Takeover/Ambush (San Fierro)
    -Explain: We've tried to ambush a gang territory, but got caught by the police shortly after.
    -Event Host: [Sons18]Reddust|Pr
    -Participants: Reddust, Creepy, Juliano, and Codename (Disguised as cop)
    -Date and time: 30/12/2018
    -Screenshots or record: https://i.imgur.com/6hkiymP.png

    Posted by Creepy, Club Secretary

  • @Zoom-In said in Rebels MC Media Archive:

    Rebels cleaning up their turfs

    After the chicken wing incident I had, I really felt like destroying something. Huntley Club was the perfect target.. I gathered my brothers from Rebels MC and our bros from Sons18 aswell to go back to our turfs to kick the trash out.
    After reaching our Pay'n'spray business we decided to provoke em. Few moments later their inexperienced leader got triggered and started shooting at @Bas , which meant only one thing.. WAR!

    alt text

    They didn't really surprise us.. we experienced the same thing with BBMC, they were quite predictable and left their rented-base in our hands..

    alt text

    After they stopped showing themselves at their own rented-base, we thought that was it really.. Thus we moved back to 10 Green Bottle Bar to celebrate our victory. Little did we know tho.. it seemed like Huntley Club decided to man up and not use their Huntley's for once. One of our informants mentioned that Huntley Club have started moving towards our base. Snipers, AK-47's and bats were grabbed within our Club and it was on!
    This time Huntley Club showed that they could kinda fight.. but still we had time to relax on the roof. They still kept coming back whenever they got knocked out.

    alt text

    The resistance didn't last for long.. after half an hour they fled back to wherever they came from initially. At least all of us had a good mood..

    alt text

    It was time for a celebration, free drinks from Rebels! And as always @Bas went all out till he got wasted..

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    The night didn't stop with that.. The 18 Family prepared themselves for a dance-off. Best dancer on that night was definitely @Yamikaze for his bottle dance, we all knew that he could bartend like a badass, thus he had skills with all kinds of bottles.

    alt text

    Since everyone were quite wasted, I myself got quite emotional. I didn't like the fact that @Bas broke three chairs by trying to show off his dance moves.. As a noble man I just couldn't resolve this situation with words, that's why I grabbed my personal bat under the counter and started beating em all.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    In the end @Reddust115 had a broken nose, @Bas had several bruises from my bat and @Daudd had a swelling on his wrist because of his powerful hooks.
    But still.. it was all worth it, our turfs were permanently marked.

    Thanks a lot lads for a great evening @Reddust115 @Daudd @Yamikaze @androke2 @Pancy @Richard @Nobodyknows @Candy @Horse and last but not least @Bas

  • 06/01/2019
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  • @Zoom-In said in Rebels MC Media Archive:

    Rebels MC Activity

    Yet again had a little meeting with our brothers at Sons18..

    alt text

  • 08/01/2019
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  • @Andre said in Demon Disciples Motorcycle Club | Activity Feed:

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    Demon Disciples MC Roadtrip! #2

  • 12/01/2019
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    alt text

  • Riding around SA and doin' some store robberies:

  • -Event type: road ride, and SR
    -Explain: we were riding our bikes around LV and doing SRs
    -Event Host: Villa alongside daudd
    -Participants: villa, Daudd
    -Date and time: 14/1/2019
    -Screenshots or record: https://imgur.com/8onCWXH

  • Role-Play
    It was a normal day, Reddust, Villa, Daudd & I were at the bar drinking and chilling, We noticed that our clubhouse is missing some new bikes, so I thought why dont we call Organization Zero and make a deal with them, they are the best bikes producers in SA.
    We took the van and the bikes and head to Z base.
    We got there in few hours, We found two guys waiting for us, we had a little chat, we both agreed on paying 200.000$ & 2 crates of M4 bullets.
    I ordered the prospect to ride the truck, and we went back to the club house.

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