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  • Your server login-name, server nickname and forum name :
    Server login-name: raf
    Server nickname: raf
    Forum name: raf
    How long have you been playing on the server :
    I've been playing here since 2016
    Have you ever been a member of a Criminal Gang or Organisation :
    Have you ever been in a Police Organisation before on SAES or another server :
    no, i did not been
    Do you already have PC Qualification (Procops Access) :
    No, that's why I'm here.
    Have you read the SAPA application and training Process :
    Yes, all of them.
    Why do you want to be a SAPD Server Police Officer :
    I am an active policeman I have caught many criminals for this I want to be in the SAPA squad and protect all san andreas from serious gangs.
    What unit within SAPD would you like to join after training (like SWAT, FBI, etc) : police warden
    The unit that I would like to join after training is .
    Do you have Discord :
    Your age : 15
    Your location : Sousse, Tunisia
    Explain the concept of "Role play", what do you think that means for a police officer in-game :
    role play means to act just like in real life. Like asking for license and ID after pulling-over someone, or to handcuff him and drive him to the police station...
    Are you aware of the rule that states you cannot be in a criminal gang and a police squad at the same time : Yes, I'm aware of the rule that states you cannot be in a criminal gang and a police squad at the same time.
    Rate your English skills from 1-10 : 7
    Have you ever been adminjailed or banned from the server:

    PART II - Rules for Patrol [X = PICK A LAW FROM THE 10 LAWS]
    With your own words, Explain law 1 : I MUST follow all the server rules listed in F1. Such as the "no deathmatch" rule which states that I'm not allowed to harm or kill anyone or any private car for no reason. And lots of other rules that I have to follow to keep the game environment clean.
    With your own words, Explain law 3 : As a SAPA cadet, I'm not allowed to arrest players that got a wanted level lower than 4. Maybe they only made a car accident or ran over another player by accident, so they don't represent a big problem to the state of San Andreas. Either roleplay with them to lose their stars, or leave them to trainees. I'm allowed to arrest them ONLY if they shoot me or participate in a robbery.
    With your own words, Explain law 6 : Once I got invited to SAPA, I'm not allowed to spawn trainee or patrol with them as I must remain loyal to SAPA. I'm free to do it if I got private rank or higher. Also, I'm not allowed to patrol alone until I become a 2nd Class Cadet (SAPA**) and ONLY if I can't find a partner (No more than 1 SAPA cadet patrolling alone in the whole server). I'm 100% free to patrol alone once I get PC. If I break this rule, I'm in a big trouble.
    With your own words, Explain law 7 :
    I'm still a cadet, and I must respect higher ranks as they are more experienced. Thus, I should respond to their orders and questions on the spot, and stay professional by replying like "Yes Sir!" / "No Sir" and by remaining serious while trainings and briefings. Also I should respect every other player playing on the SAES server no matter how good he is.

  • HI, You sir are in the wrong place entirely. SAPA is not a group its a Squad and you should follow the instructions and apply for them here.

  • @Reggi lol he this man knows the future and u did him like that
    shame on u

  • @lil_borivoje said in SAPA:

    @Reggi lol he this man knows the future and u did him like that
    shame on u

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He’s still in the wrong place.

  • you are our new spokesman, raf. gz