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    The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear

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    Discord ~ https://discord.gg/uXWUyBK

    Established: 16/12/2018
    Gang Level: 0
    Gang Motto: "The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear…"
    Gang Color: #BA495A - (The Creed)
    Gang Tags: |TC|Name for members. - MD5#|Name for supporters.
    Gang Panel: |TheCreed|
    Member Count: 4
    Media Archive: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/4833/the-creed-media-archive

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    The Creed is a group of professional hackers who work under the radar.

    They specialize in things such as...

    • Breaking into government websites, police databases, federal reserve & more.

    • Robbing banks with the best & most unique hackers who know their way around a keypad.

    • Stealing money & valuable information from other organizations.

    • Making attacks on social media & popular websites.

    • Stealing & revealing confidential information to the public.

    • Stealing credit cards.

    The Creed also offers cracking & other hacking services to different organizations for the right amount of money. For inquiries please message one of the HQ members.

    And last but not least on the side The Creed has a warehouse full of drug supplies this includes...

    • Heroin

    • Speed

    • Cocaine

    • Weed

    • LSD

    • Suicide Pills

    This is to help them with their income when they aren't robbing banks or hacking into any bigger websites/companies, money doesn't just come to you.

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    Founder(s): Jax

    Class 5 - Leader (LVL 5) [L]

    Class 4 - Vice Leader (LVL 4) [vL]

    Class 4 - Game Master (LVL 4) [GM]

    Class 3 - Advisor (LVL 3) [A]

    Class 2 - Respected (LVL 2) [ReS]

    Class 2 - Street Soldier (LVL 2) [SS]

    Class 1 - Hacker (LVL 1) [H]

    Class 0 - Rookie (LVL 0) [R]

    Honorary - People who have supported us [VIP]

    Total Members: 4
    Inactive Members (Marked with #): 0

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    1 All Server Rules Apply To This Organisation Rules (F1).
    2 Always Respect All Members.
    3 Never Rage/Insult in main chat.
    4 Know how to roleplay well, and don't mess about in rp's.
    5 Always respect members of STAFF. And never argue with the admins.
    6 Be mature, and helpful.
    7 In a game, always observe 
    8 Don't reveal the secrets of the family to the outsiders, means that don't talk about our private things to someone else not in the organization.
    9 Do not spam Main chat or CC!

    First Warning - You have done something to gain a warning, but in a weeks time if you don't get another warning and you behave, that warning will be removed.

    Second Warning - If you haven't been good when you have gotten your first warning and in the time of a week you have done something naughty, you will get another warning. This time if you have learned your lesson and you are good, this warning can be removed back down again in 2 weeks time.

    Third Warning - You have gotten another warning in those 2 weeks? Well too bad. We have nothing to do with you anymore. You're out.

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    If you're immature, troll a lot, don't bother applying. We're looking for people who can be serious when we need them to be & act mature in front of the public to make sure they represent us in the best way possible.

    You can find the application format down below.

    Please fill out only the truth and do not copy anyone else's application.

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