Changing the idea of businesses

  • Hello everyone,

    After the amazing feedback I received from my other topic: "Make Trucking Great Again"

    I thought I'd share some ideas I had on businesses in this server.

    As of right now, it seems to me (haven't owned one) that a business is purely an investment which returns an X amount a day.

    I found this disappointing as there's so much more we could do with this!
    Owning a business should be profitable but also time-consuming matter.
    Committing to a business means, you'll be coming back to the server and making sure things run as supposed to.

    What I had in mind:

    There should be a general worker job which allows you to work for these business owners.

    Example, I just bought the Well stacked pizza co. near grove street!
    I run into my store and walk to the computer, this opens a menu where I can see an overview of my business.
    It shows me my profits, my inventory, my deliveries etc.

    Now, of course, I need to keep supplies up, so hey new idea for truckers, deliver supplies to businesses or even private trucking companies?
    Also, as a job seeker, you can now get your delivery scooter and deliver random pizza's around the businesses neighborhood.

    But as you deliver more and more pizza's your pay-rate will go up, but also you can unlock new delivery vehicles making you do your job even faster.

    But as a business owner, you can also see what other likeminded businesses owners are giving their employee's.
    So with that businesses now have to compete in pay-rate to make sure people work for them instead of the competition.

    This can of course also be implemented into many more businesses and even a Stock market can be added to this.
    Where investors are able to invest into a company hoping it'll go up and selling their stocks to other players.

    What do you guys think of this? And do you have any other cases where this would work!?

  • SA map has dozens of shops, resturants, workshops etc. and i gotta give it to you, this is a excellent idea. Problem with SAES is, civilian role is dead.

    Now, if say you bought that pizza stack, people can make deleveries to it OR, you make your own deleveries, for instance; your business requires 2 trucking loads each week to keep up the income of say, 250k per week.

    This requires alot of scripting though, and it sounds complicated on paper, but in theory its not.

    All you have to do, is adding the abillity to truck for your own business. You got the Rumpo, driving it to some factory in Whetstone, coming back and earning Money on it. x2 a week perhaps?

  • Finally someone have a brain full of great ideas!

  • Love it, might be really hard to script but the idea itself is great.

  • Even scripting easy things takes time and a lot of effort to put. I guess it would be difficult to build this system in a short time.

  • So basicly you want to make GTA V from GTA SA

  • @JoGe No, well the only same thing is the computer idea.
    But hey you need a menu somewhere lol