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ROLEPLAY STORY : It was a normal day in any criminal life , I was hanging with homies in the bar when suddenly flappy from Z organization came inside he approached me and asked if I have some white gold (drugs' street nickname) to sell . and fortunately we had a shipment yesterday and I still have a bit on me so I gave it to him to have a taste , and he liked it so he agreed to buy 6 full boxes which was a fortune for us and he wanted them ready as soon as possible , so we went back to our base where we found the drugs and put them in the cars , yes not a single car since we're a family they won't let me go alone unguarded , it was a long ride to flint county but it was safe and no police ambushes , the boys were ready anyway to blast the cops' heads . and we finally arrived to Z's base where we found flappy waiting for us , we stocked the drug into their garage and then we got paid
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PARTICIPANTS : @flappppyyy , @Ment , @zaza