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◀Ventura's Tunings ~ Car catalog

  • Here you can find cars made by VT-Team which you can buy in-game:

    • List of cars made until 21/06/2018 - link text
    • This list of cars will show any new cars made and added on list after 21/06/2018

►Classy cars:


►Muscle cars:




►Sport cars:




►Drift cars:





    • From now on, we wil not post any exclusive cars which we sold to special customers!

►Ordering your car:

  • If you can't find any VT customizer in-game, you can write an application here to order your car.

  • When you order your car, VT-Team will customize a car for you exactly how you ordered in application.

  • Money comes first. So if you want your code of customized car, don't try to make a discount for you. Respect our prices like we respect your orders. After you pay money to VT Customizing Team, you'll get your code in forum private messages or discord private messages ASAP.

  • After you get code over forum PM or discord direct message, don't share your code with anybody.

►Current customizers avaidable for you:

►Most experienced customizers:

    • Juky (Master customizer) ◀ ( @Juky )
    • Rubisel (Expert customizer) ◀ ( @rubisel )
    • GranD (Adept customizer) ◀ ( - )

►Basic customizers:

►Application Format:

  • To request a car from catalogue, use this format only:
    -In-game name:
    -Your order (type name of car's model):

  • To request a new custom car which you can't find on catalogue:
    -In-game name:
    -Detailed description of new custom car you want:

►Number of sold cars: 52