Movement gang was founded on September 2nd 1945, the day World War 2 was put to an end.

After the war, Sonic Picachu and Mario were left poor and sick and were ready to end their own lives.
One day, Sonic had an idea, what if we became rich? And so the crime syndicate started, it started off with small store robberies and slowly evolved into bank robberies and more, and soon, Movement Gang was one of the biggest Gangs in Europe.

On a cold winter day in 2001, Picachu was found dead, after being a victim of severe depression, Young Pica could not handle the stress of being a gang leader and took his own life. This made Sonic and Mario extremely upset and 17 years later, once they were done mourning the loss of a beloved friend, they decided to move to Texas, where they planned on restarting the gang with just the two of them, unfortunately, on the plane ride to Texas, the plane crashed in San Andreas, killing half the passengers on board, including Mario. Sonic decided to restart the gang right in San Andreas by himself, and vowed to make Movement Gang The BIGGEST Gang in San Andreas.

Lvl 5 ( Leader ) - MG|Zoot
Lvl 4 ( Long time trusted Member)-
Lvl 3 ( Normal Member )-
Lvl 2 ( Novice) -
Lvl 1 ( Newbie)-

Follow Server rules at all times
listen to superior ranks
Dont Dm fellow members

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