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    The San Andreas Royalists

    "Sive mors Gloria"

    “Death or Glory”

    San Andreas is a blackhole of misery and despair, with a monarchy changes can be made. Let’s not look at this from rose-tinted glasses, lets make a difference. We wish to offer change by understanding this and establishing true crossroads between the executive and a monarchy.

    We are not offering a helping hand, we are giving you a choice. Vote for TSAR to help yourselves.

    Invalid promises and ideas wont do anything we need action. Let us restore San Andreas back to its golden age.

    For too long have governments run amuck as elective dictatorships, let us change this by making San Andreas a constitutional monarchy. Once voted in, idleness can no longer take it’s hold with Senators facing no consequences as they fade away following an election.

    As a constitutional monarchy, Senators will be put under control and be eliminated from the government allowing the triggering of by-elections for their senatorial seat if deemed inadequate for the job. This will promote growth and prosperity as we will have politicians willing to make changes or risk facing unforeseen consequences.

    The next few years will be the most challenging time facing San Andreas.

    This election will define us: our place in the world, our security and our future prosperity.

    So now more than ever, San Andreas requires a strong and stable government to push us out of this darkness.

    Now more than ever, San Andreas needs a clear plan.

    This manifesto will work towards a country where we invest our wealth, not leave it to rot in the Federal Reserve. This will also mean change, restoring San Andreas to its golden age.


    GOVERNMENT REFINEMENT – The government will take more stances on key social matters within the community with more public statements and transparency. Any member of government who obstructs the government mechanisms via indolence will either be removed or eliminated by the monarchy triggering a by-election if they are a senator, or to be replaced by a member/ applicant recommended by their head of department.

    ACT OF UNION – The state of San Andreas will repledge its loyalty to the United Kingdom and her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. As a result, the government will be replaced by a colonial government, lead by a Viceroy and his cabinet. Titles will be offered to those who prove to be dedicated stewards to the government.

    SAN ANDREAS LAND BANK – The Federal Reserve will be put to use with funds becoming available to senior organisations. Requests can be made to requisition funds to help support new endeavours and to pay workers ((groups with no sustainable form of income)).

    SAN ANDREAS SUPREME COURT – The establishment of a Supreme Court. Members of the public or respected organisations will be able to go forth to Supreme Court with a case if they felt that they have been wronged or have faced unfair treatment. They will be able to sue for financial compensation or solve disputes over assets such as property. Once sufficient evidence has been provided, both parties will be given a chance in court to dispute their side and a judgement will be met among 5 Justices who will determine a final judgement.

    THE BLOOD OF OUR ENEMIES – Should we get into power; the blood of our enemies will soak the ground beneath them. We will eliminate all political dissidents and renew the war machine against the Cuban Liberation Organisation. A limp government will no longer suffice.
    ((More coordinated and enjoyable wars/ mass gatherings for both criminal and law enforcement parties))




    Party Chairman

    Vice Chairman

    Chief of Staff

    Senior Staff


    (If you had applied previously but are not on the roster, it is due to your old forum account not sharing the same name as your new one. Please contact me via discord or forums to be re-added with your new account)


    By applying for TSAR you understand our aims and support the establishment of a constitutional monarchy.

    Account Name:
    G/S/C Membership:
    Why do you wish to join TSAR:
    What of the five key policies do you support the most:

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  • Name: Markus
    Account Name: kalevipoeg
    G/S/C Membership: OverdoseCrime
    Why do you wish to join TSAR: Well because I see the government coming back and as I was speaking with Henry yesterday, he told me all about these ''Parties'' which I was quite fascinated by. Roleplaying has always been my thing and as the government is coming back, I am looking for a party to be a part of.
    There are some reasons why I chose TSAR right away and not wait for any other parties. Mainly is the strong and well-built roster of current members, I know most of the guys and I know that they do their work to perfection, which I strive for too. Even tho I have not been a part of any political party or anything related to the government before, I still believe that applying for this party will make me better and teach me the basics that I need to know about the politics and such. I am also a huge roleplayer which was also the reason for applying, this sort of roleplaying is new to me and I will probably enjoy it.
    I also like the Aims of TSAR which are quite confident and promising. I also am the Minister of Civilian Development.
    What of the five key policies do you support the most: I support The Blood of Our Enemies the most because I have been always a war freak and I believe that the Cubans have slightly been invading the United States of San Andreas. And now it's time for TSAR to step in and do something about it. I really see a potential of TSAR fixing the issue.

    - Kind Regards,

  • Name: Ramby
    Account Name: ramby
    G/S/C Membership: San Andreas Police Academy
    Why do you wish to join TSAR: I would like to join TSAR because I like what they stand for. All the policies have good reasoning behind it and I agree with them. I have been around since the last ellection and have seen SAES turn into complete shithole with no clear view on the future. I regret not take part in the elections back then. I would like to make a change now and grab my chance to get involved in the government and get this nation back on track.
    What of the five key policies do you support the most:
    I support the San Andreas Supreme Court policy the most. Honestly, I think all of the policies have some reasoning behind it, but the reason why I support the San Andreas Court Policy the most is, because lately there have been a few examples in the housing business and gang management going on. I think by establishing a Supreme Court, situations could be explained and a final decision could be made in court to let justice prevail.

    I hope to be included in the plan de campagne.


  • @markus_ - ACCEPTED

    Together, we shall repaint the White House red with the blood of our enemies!

    @Ramby - ACCEPTED

    A good lawyer knows the law. A great lawyer knows the judge.

    Michael Payne
    Party Chairman

  • is this a christian monarchy? will there be any crusades if you make it to power?

  • Dear @Ammar,

    If we are voted into power, we will go on a crusade. We will go on a crusade killing communist scum and political dissidents along with opposition parties. We may not be inherently Christian, but I assure you, God has willed that TSAR will rule San Andreas and restore stability.

    Michael Payne
    Party Chairman

  • Name: I am known around as Denox.
    Account Name: kavkazets.
    G/S/C Membership: Currently part of it's majesty, the FBI.
    Why do you wish to join TSAR: Good question. I will start off with the fact I haven't been in any political party so far. For me and I guess for others, TSAR seems to be the most bright future for the current and further government. So because of that I would be very delighted to have the opportunity to join the royalists party.
    What of the five key policies do you support the most: The murder and blood splats all around of government's enemies.

    Sincerely yours,
    Stanley McStagg

  • Name: JohnnyEnglish
    Account Name: johnnyenglish
    G/S/C Membership: OverdoseCrime Manager
    Why do you wish to join TSAR: Firstly, a revival of the government has been what I have wished for over a long time. Now that it is back I desire to join it for many of my views coincide with TSAR's and I believe that this is the just and direct group which will soon change our view of San Andreas and I want to do my part in that. It is also an honour to do so and together stand atop the new world of San Andreas we create
    What of the five key policies do you support the most:
    I support Monarchy, for it seems that a divine body which passes all decisions made by other officials is an honourable position and from that seat I can do my utmost in the conversion of San Andreas. The idea of being that monarch is also thrilling and thrives me to take part in it

  • Name: Lincoln Burrows
    Account Name: abdivdbf
    G/S/C Membership: I'm part of The Company
    Why do you wish to join TSAR: First of all, I haven't been in any political party since I started playing on this server. So Joining TSAR will help me get more experience about how everything works etc. I'm a person who loves role-playing, and tbh this takes the role-playing on the server to the next level for me. Also, the roster of TSAR is pretty stable, and I do believe it will win, and I'm willing to help it.
    What of the five key policies do you support the most: I do support the Supreme Court.

    King regards,
    Lincoln Burrows.

  • @Denox - ACCEPTED


    @JohnnyEnglish - ACCEPTED

    Me and you, king and queen baby.

    @Lincoln - ACCEPTED


    Michael Payne
    Party Chairman

  • Name: Ted
    Account Name: tedfrost
    G/S/C Membership: S.W.A.T
    Why do you wish to join TSAR: God Bless The Queen, I'm at her majesty's service.
    What of the five key policies do you support the most: Royal dynasty and the dignity of monarch lead us to sunny days.

  • @Ted - ACCEPTED

    I am not just a queen. I am THE queen.

    Michael Payne
    Party Chairman

  • Name: FastYounq
    Account Name: general4234
    G/S/C Membership: F.B.I
    Why do you wish to join TSAR: I've never been in any political party until now And now is the time. I think the current government is very bad and the TSAR government seems to develop.And for this reason it is an honor for me to join the royal party.

    What of the five key policies do you support the most: I support THE BLOOD OF OUR ENEMIES policy.

  • Name: Skerdi
    Account Name: skerdi
    G/S/C Membership: The Outfit
    Why do you wish to join TSAR: I am aiming to get more experience in politics, I find TSAR the most suitable place where I can grow up in politics, I have never been in a party before and I see TSAR as a an open window. I like to roleplay and I see TSAR as another way to improve my roleplaying and get more used to important things.
    What of the five key policies do you support the most: I support the Supreme Court policy because I think this policy is able to run everything and has a lot of power.
    Kind regards,

  • @FastYounq - ACCEPTED

    /me sharpens his 5ft kukri.

    @Skerdi - ACCEPTED

    Lets go get the funny wigs out!

    Michael Payne
    Party Chairman


  • Name: lil_bori
    Account Name: kurcina21
    G/S/C Membership: TST
    Why do you wish to join TSAR: I have always been interested in to politics!I know alot of history and alot about poiltics ! The rights of man is what interests me the most and i think that TSAR can really benefit the regular saes civilian! The situation with the govermnet is mediocre , and i always bealived in the Monarchy !
    What of the five key policies do you support the most: The Monarchy is a great idea and i think it will really benefit SAES , Some change is needed to spice up the server! Also the way of succsesion is well thought out !

  • @lil_borivoje - ACCEPTED

    Bow before me peasants.

    Michael Payne
    Party Chairman