Government is back!

  • So... as some of the people who have been online today may have noticed, Government is coming back. Me, on behalf of SAES team would like you players to fill my discord / PM with those suggestions you have for the new system. Also, I'll be looking for people who could be interested in taking part of the provisional Government, so feel free to show your interest in the same way. I sincerely hope you've enjoyed the RP, and if you couldn't be there, here you have a small text by @Filex explaining it in such a fancy way!

    13th of december 2019 at 20:00
    Goverment letter to the people
    The main goal of our presence is to make peace, thats how our president was present in the middle of los santos court to speak to the people but the other side seemed to be more aggressive than expected, things were getting worst from flames, rocks until the first bullet came out what made the secret presidential guard rescue the president but contact was lost after few time, hours latter we got an alert that a kamikaze attempt attacked the Home Land Security agency base
    And for an unknown cases the president seemed to be present their what unfortuatly ended his life, Indeed the Secretary Edward Bradley started an emergency meeting that took place in the white house, in order to make a peaceful elections in a few time and gratuate a goverment to make a clean work in addition a temp president which people used to love and can fit the position in such moments Edward Thatch himself.
    We are all shocked but whoever ended our president life will pay because it was an attack on our souls not just on the leader of our state
    God bless you all
    On behalf of the temp govermant assigned today
    Secretary Edward Bradley

    You may find some information about the bases of the new system (which is still being worked on) here: I also want to thank those who keep joining the random RPs being organized, let's keep it up and get this rolling again, thanks!

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  • Person responsible for the death of President will be behind bars.
    We will unite people again and bring peace, prosperity and change which people want to in our country.
    We will Unite each organizations and groups, take their demands and bring those demands in our beloved country.
    We will Unite all past Youth Party members and talk with those who left us and get them back in our party.
    We can and We will.

    Youth Party Leader,

  • You gus are still around, lol.

    Anything happened so far?

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  • @Crash said in Government is back!:

    nop ded af

    what the men said.

  • Damn there is no fun when then White House is empty go back men so we dm

  • temporary gov is having fun with their powers right now, they forget SAES HQ gave them this power for a temp time

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