With arrival of the new year, changes are coming to SAPD too! Lately few management related changes were made and we aim to get the things rolling once more starting with some new juicy additions. What you may expect in the weeks to come are new arrivals to PCD staff which we plan to increase activity of, and most excitingly conversion of SAPA from squad to group. This is a major change in terms of PC entry and recruitment, such as external tester role ceasing to exist and squad members becoming able to undergo academy programme without leaving their current squads. More changes may come, some more noticable some less, but all with purpose of making a more pleasant career for all members of law enforcement.

Current SAPD HQ Roster:

Chief of Police RonSeal
Deputy Chief of Police DROT
RPG Commander Tut
TSG Commander Sam^
HQ Sam-B (PCD Director)

We’d like to thank the retiring HQ members for their service throughout past years, SAPD wouldn’t be where it is today without your effort and dedication.
@Magnus @Royalty
Last but not least, changes made are mainly to improve the police side so we’d love for all squads to cooperate with us, and if anyone has any suggestions you are more than welcome to suggest them to any of the HQs mentioned above!