Respawn Request

  • IT can be one of the most annoying things to wait a respawn especially when admins are off or something the suggesion is to make a command that starting a request if 4 more people type it after it shows up a respawn starts (this system just to avoid abuse)

  • @Filex What the fuck did you just say.

  • @Lincoln said in Respawn Request:

    @Filex What the fuck did you just say.

    something hard enough for you to understand
    Read noob

  • as I remember, it can cause some kind of bug when respawn vehicles so admins are trying to avoid using it as well, but I am not really sure tho

  • -1.

    What would be the point of groups like Cuban Cars, that exist thanks to the vehicles?
    Now, as for the bugs that sometimes happen, it isn't needed the whole map to experience a veh. respawn, just for a couple of bugged vehs.