This is it.

  • I guess it's not too much of a secret that I'm almost fully inactive on the server at this point.
    Usually I would not even bother creating a topic like such, but I consider that it'll be quite unfair towards my squadmates.

    So. No hard feelings, not too much to tell, I'm back to my usual inactivity on the server. I don't really plan on coming back, but just as the last times when I went totally dark, I might still come back from time to time.

    Reasons? Lack of interest.

    So from now on consider me gone.

  • Sad man, take care of your life mate and good luck!! ❤

  • Glad to play with you, good luck with your life mate

  • Good luck man, you’ve teached me alot! 💗

  • Ayy man, handle your business. See you when i see you, good luck partner

  • Sad to see you go man 😞 Hope we van still keep contact to make some fun of playing ETS2 together. Also SEALs won't judge your decisions in any kind, we really appreciate the effort you put in oud squad. Goodluck anyhow and hope to see you back again!

  • Take care man! Life is hard.