San Andreas Property Brokers
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    Group Name: San Andreas Property Brokers

    Group Motto: Your Dream Deals.. Over here!

    Date Of Creation: 03/12/18

    Group Color Code: #8c8f00

    Group Founders: Driver (Current Leader), TaJ (Current Vice Leader).

    Group Status: Unofficial.

    Members In-Charge of Group Bank: Taj (Leader), Lincoln (Vice Leader)

    Current Group Bank Balance: $25,000,000.

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    San Andreas Property Brokers is a Group of Trained Brokers (aka Property Dealers) who help the people which are facing troubles in selling their properties or buying properties. Either it is a House, or a Small/Huge Store, SAPB Professionals would try their Level Best to get it sold or make you buy it, on your dream value. All this is done by SAPB Professionals in very less time by taking a small amount of fees for their work.

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    Properties Sale of Our Customers :

    San Andreas Property Brokers work simply by taking a property sale request from its customers and then it posts that request on their Media topic, along with its Pictures & Plus Points and more; This then will stay on that topic for as long as 2 weeks (14days), and would be removed after that period if it is not yet sold (which has minor chances). After it is removed, you can try selling it yourself but before this period, canceling your request would not be a option until you have paid 25% of your Property's Maximum Icon Price. This is the rules we have regarding requesting a property sale of yours.

    SAPB would have your property sold in your dream amount with just 5% of the Deal Price paid by the Seller, who is the person deciding the amount. Of this 5%, 3% would be given to the Broker and 2% will be given to the Group Bank which can later be used for buying group properties for keeping or reselling. All the negotiations made by the buyer for the property would be conveyed to the Seller by SAPB Professionals themselves.

    The Seller who have requested us to sell an property of theirs may contact anyone from the SAPB HQ Team which includes Leader, Vice Leader, Sub Leader and of-course the HQ Staff to get them added in SAPB Discord group or in case of in-availability of discord usage, a Forums PM Thread for clear conversations regarding sale of that property. This case is same with the Buyers. If someone is Interested in any of the On-Sale property, they may contact a member of SAPB HQ Team and ask them to add him/her into SAPB Discord Group Or Forums PM Thread.

    Properties Renting of SAPB Members :*

    SAPB group members also specialize in renting out their own properties to the community for a certain price which would depend on the size, icon price and how much the owner would like to get. Percentages earned from rented properties would be shared with both, the member of whose property was rented, and the SAPB Bank Account. 90% would go to the owner and 10% would go to the SAPB Bank Account, that 10% will be used for a reinvestment which will earn the owner even more profit in the longrun. Players who are seriously interested in renting a property from a SAPB member may contact either that member or anyone else from the SAPB team and let them know their interest in renting the property. Currently, we only offer renting our properties out for 1-2 weeks to all players. We will not rent a property out for more then one month unless the player is trusted and known to be active as we cannot risk inactivity. The rented property can not be kept with the renter after the expiry of the rent agreement date. If this happens, SAPB members may have the right to contact a SAHA Agent and have the property reverted to the rightful owner. Any scams in renting will result in the renter being reported to the admin staff of SAES. SAPB reserves the right to deny any community member from renting the properties our members list.

    Any further queries on the Working of SAPB can be asked to the HQ Team Members.

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    San Andreas Property Brokers Head Quarters, Situated in Eastern Los Santos.

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    • Leader

    The Leader is the person working on developments of the group, he is the head of everyone in the group and is the main force for the group.

    • Vice Leader

    Vice Leader is the person keeping an eye on the working of the group. He is the supreme force following the Leader. Vice Leader can convey the Member Queries or Suggestions to the group in order to making group more efficient.

    • Sub Leader

    Sub Leader is the 3rd supreme force of the Group. He is the person in charge of giving his opinions in the group's successful working and improvements.

    • Head Quarter

    Head Quarters of the group helps the Leader, Vice Leader and the Sub in taking good steps for the group and they also take care of the Brokers.

    • Premium Brokers

    These are the people who have vast experience in Property Dealing from the past. These are fully trained professionals of the group.

    • Brokers

    These people are not new to group, these are regular property dealers and can give suggestions for efficient working of group.

    • New Brokers

    These people are new to the group. They are getting Trained by their Seniors every single day and are working towards being regular brokers.

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    Application in order to request for Sale Advertisement of your Property ->

    Your Ingame Name:

    Your Ingame Account Name:

    Your Property Name:

    Your Property Location:

    Your Property Icon Pricing (Both Minimum and Maximum):

    Your Property Plus-Points (Advantages):

    Your Desired Amount for it:

    Your Property Screenshots (in spoiler):

    Property-Advertisement Request Answers:

    ACCEPTED: This means that your Property Advertisement Request is now accepted and that your property's advertisement is Put on our Media Topic and it can be considered sold much sooner as our Professionals are trying their best.

    DENIED: This means that your Property Advertisement Request is not accepted as it had some doubts on it by the HQ Team and it is considered to not be nice for posting the advertisement and helping to sell it.

    Joining the Group SAPB:

    Currently There is no Proper Application for joining the Group. If you want to join it, you have to show your interest In the Server/Discord itself by hanging with our Brokers & HQs, and help them sell the current projects (on-sale properties) and also prove that you are good enough to be a part of the group.

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