Russian Cartels
By iani, in Gangs


    Gang level: 0

    Organization name: Russian-Cartels

    Founder: iani

    Gang color code: #281c1c

    Leader: iani

    Motto: Don't worry, don't cry. Drink vodka and fly!

    Gang Properties: 5

    Base Location: Los Santos

    Enemy gangs: N/A

    Members in gang: 3

    Gang Value: 4.000.000$

    Gang creation date: 7.12.2018

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    Chief [D] (lvl 5) :

    Deputy [D] (lvl 4):

    HeadQuarter [HQ] (lvl 3):

    Respected - [R] (lvl 2):

    Psycho [PS] (lvl 1):

    Member [M] (lvl 0):

    Chief [C] (lvl 5) : iani

    Deputy [D] (lvl 4): robotiks

    HeadQuarter [HQ] (lvl 3): N/A

    Respected - [R] (lvl 2): N/A

    Psycho [PS] (lvl 1): N/A

    Member [M] : N/A



    Once upon a time, a man named Jonathan. Along with his group of friends, Nicholas, Joe and Andrew were a robber like a bit. They stole Phones, Portmone and store stuff. Now when they are already big, they rob stores, houses and what In the group, Jonathan wrote the plans and the others made them. One day they set up a bank robbery plan in San Fiero, everything went well. After the robbery of the bank they went to live in Los Santos. There no one knew them as a nasty robber and you lived peacefully.


    In Los Santos everyone worked like normal people, Jonathan was a cook, Nicholas was a businessman, Joe and Andrew were the mayor's guard. But a SWAT team from San Fiero arrived a month later. They were all arrested besides Joe. They lingered long time in a bang with escape plans but always failed.


    That's when the moment came. Joe gathered all the people from the TugaTugs and devised a release plan. A quiet day in jail, two policemen guarded the front. While you spoke at one point in the head of one of them fired the bullet from Fabman's sniper. and all the prisoners were released. As they went out they saw that some of their men were gone. They came in and saw Andrew with a bullet stuck in his throat. Since then, in honor of their fallen comrade Andrew, they have made a clan with the name Russian Cartels and did not get scared of anything. They were ready to make up t the end of the police.


    Real name:
    Ingame nickname:

    How long have you been playing SAES:RPG?:
    How long have you been playing MTA?:
    Why you want to join RC?:
    Why we should accept you?:
    What you will bring into the gang when you join?:
    Explain what is Deatmatch:
    Explain what is RolePlay:
    Explain what is avoid arrest and is it allowed:
    Explain what is gate avoid and is it allowed:

    Rate your driving skills (?/10):
    Rate your flying skills (?/10):
    Rate your shooting skills (?/10):
    Rate your English skills (?/10):
    Rate your teamworking skills (?/10):


    ACCEPTED: you've showen us that you put a lot of effor in your application.You should to contact whith any HQ ingame for test

    PENDING: You could do better we give you 1 week to hang with us and show us more effor that you wanna join. If the 1 week passed away the HQ team will decide what we should do with you (be patience).

    DENIED: Bad application you should put more effort in making a application not any of our members saw you hanging around with us you can apply again with the date we give you in your apply.

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  • Real name: Martin James
    Ingame nickname: theclub
    Username: MartinJames
    Country: Philippines
    Launguage: Filipino , english
    Nationality: Filipino
    Gender: Male

    How long have you been playing SAES:RPG?: like 1 years but i stop and played again
    How long have you been playing MTA?: 2 years
    Why you want to join RC?: I want to make them more official and also to be kind of them and loyal
    Why we should accept you?: i will help iani to make this official
    What you will bring into the gang when you join?: some respect loyal and kind
    Explain what is Deatmatch: its like killing w/o reason
    Explain what is RolePlay: its like acting in real life
    Explain what is avoid arrest and is it allowed: u will suicide if u are getting chased , no
    Explain what is gate avoid and is it allowed: u will enter the base gate to avoid arrest , no

    Rate your driving skills (?/10): 7/10
    Rate your flying skills (?/10): 7/10
    Rate your shooting skills (?/10): 7/10
    Rate your English skills (?/10): 9/10
    Rate your teamworking skills (?/10): 10/10

  • @martinJames
    DENIED: Your application is bad and you didn't hang with us enought. If u are still interessed try to apply after 1 week

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