M7mod's Application for SAHA

  • Your ingame username: mahmoud1824
    Your ingame alias: [AA]M7mod
    Your real name: Mahmoud Sultan
    Your year of birth: 1998
    Your gender: Male

    Nationality: Egyptian
    Country of residence: Egypt
    Language skills: English, French, and German.
    English Proficiency:Quite good English skills.

    How long you have been playing: I've been playing since 2013.
    Your strengths: I'm good listener, I like to help people and guide them what to do. I'm also the best guy to talk to when you need help in something or want opinions (even in real life). I also just came back from Inactivity, which will make me help people more and more. I also have good knowledge in the server since I've been playing for a while (almost 5 years), so I know how things go.
    Your weaknesses: I may kinda be impatient person, when I want something I can't wait to get it. Sometimes I get mad fast for silly things.

    Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES): SAHA

    Teamspeak Installed: No
    Discord Installed: Yes
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord: Always, It's installed on my mobile

    Reason for application: I've been playing in this community for quite long time just enjoying, so I think i can serve the community by helping people and dealing with their problems regarding housing, and anything I can do. I want to prove myself and my skills and have some load and work to do instead of just logging in doing nothing useful.

    Unique qualities you can offer: I can offer my skills and my free time to serve the community!

    Server Memberships: Arms Assassins / LWS HQ / CC HQ

    Additional information: Maybe I'd talk about my reallife info, so I'm 20 years old Egyptian camel who studies Information System at Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport. I enjoy going to the Gym, I also play Judo. I started this person as a noob who used to rulebreak, scam and do every rulebreak, I worked a lot to fix my old bad reputation and I think i did so (despite that i impersonated Kain!) ... That's it!

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Hella lot back in days
    Previous (legitimate) bans: Hella a lot back in days.

    Are you a muslim?: Yes

  • Decent application despite being a little shit back in the day.
    Think you'll find that you impersonated Patrol to fool me, not impersonating me.

    Unfortunately you have not been successful this time around. Patience is a core skill which is required of SAHA staff when being spammed by little shits to sort requests.
    Activity is also lacking since submitting your application, you haven't logged in all week which we would expect of our SAHA staff. Better luck next time!

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