Killerr's application for SAHA

  • Your ingame username:killer000
    Your ingame alias:Killerr
    Your real name:Yasser
    Your year of birth:1998
    Your gender:Male

    Nationality:I'm Egyptian
    Country of residence:Egypt
    Language skills:I can speak English and Arabic
    English Proficiency:Would say 7-8

    How long you have been playing:I've started playing in this community about 4-5 years but I've been inactive.
    Your strengths:Well, I'm mature and its nearly impossible to get me triggered in a game because of any reason, my knowledge about this game is perfect as I've been playing it since I was 15 so I nearly know everything about it, I always respect the players of the community and I really always try not to upset anyone in this game, that's it.
    Your weaknesses:Uhm, my biggest weakness is my internet that some times it just becomes too slow that it affects my activity.

    ***Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES)***:SAHA

    Teamspeak Installed:Yep
    Discord Installed:Yep
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord:Yes

    Reason for application:Well, I think that I can handle this job perfectly as I know how it works, I really want to help this server some how and help its community.

    Unique qualities you can offer:I'm gonna increase my activity to make sure that I'm doing my job with the perfect efficiency,I'm an old mta player so I know how things work in these stuff, I do not ignore players who need my help and as I stated above, I'm friendly and mature with everyone.

    Server Memberships:The Company vice leader and CeM

    Additional information:I'm Yasser, I live in Egypt, currently I study English Commerce in Assuit university, I'm supposed to be in the 3rd grade but I've failed my first year as I've concentrated on my military tests as I wanted to become a military officer but I got denied for some reason after passing my tests, so now I'm in the 2nd grade with hopes to pass this year 😄 , that's all for now.

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server:N\a
    Previous (legitimate) bans:N\a

    ***Are you a muslim?***:Yep, I am.

  • Hopefully by next recruitment you've increased that activity and put the efficiency into helping people!
    Unfortunately you have not been successful during this recruitment. However please don't let it this demotivate you to aspire towards the next recruitment.
    Help out both ingame and in #saes-support consistently to significantly raise your chances.
    Best of luck next time!

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