Strong's Application for CS

  • Your ingame username: mas3ouda
    Your ingame alias: Strong
    Your real name: Walid
    Your year of birth: 2000
    Your gender: Male

    Nationality: Tunisian
    Country of residence: Bizerte, Tunisia
    Language skills: I'm able to speak three different languages, Arabic is my main language, English and French.
    English Proficiency: I can't say that I have great English proficiency but I can form clear and understandable sentences and I can understand people meanings and talks.

    How long you have been playing: I'm playing SAES since 2014, Unfortunately, I can't remember the exact day.
    Your strengths: I'm able to listen to people's arguments and ideas trying to solve their problems, being neutral is very Important in some specific situations, I can become a fair judge. Also, I have a decent experience with the rules due to my extended period of leading and teaching new players.
    Your weaknesses: I feel strict toward sloppy people, sometimes I take things to serious when they think that they are just kidding & trolling.

    Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES): CS

    Teamspeak Installed: Yes
    Discord Installed: Yes
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord: Yes

    Reason for application: Actually, It's time to step forward after passing four years playing In this cool community. personally, I think becoming a Community Staff is the directive way to become more responsible and careful.

    Unique qualities you can offer: Honestly, I'm really interested in helping new players & guests, advising them in the right way, being useful and helpful toward others is one of the unique qualities that can a human being offer, I'm not that selfish person who wants everything for his own side, I'm a neutral guy, I am a quiet person with a high level of maturity and decent communication skills.

    Server Memberships: Leader of Wild Angels, Desert Eagles Admiral of the Fleet (DE-HQ), LWS Trusted member and Secret Service Agent.

    Additional information: My full name is Gabtni Walid, I'm living in 20 mars street at Mateur, Bizert. I'm 18 years old gent, I'm currently studying marketing, business offers & statistics.

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: None
    Previous (legitimate) bans: None

    Are you a muslim?: Yes

  • " I'm living in 20 mars street at Mateur, Bizert."
    Pretty sure when it says additional info, it doesn't mean give someone your address to send a drilldo to.

    Mediocre app, perhaps get involved on discord a bit and helping individuals out.

    Unfortunately you have not been successful during this recruitment. However please don't let it this demotivate you to aspire towards the next recruitment.
    Help out both ingame and in #saes-support consistently to significantly raise your chances.
    Best of luck next time!

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