Odorian's application for cs

  • Your ingame username: cipcii
    Your ingame alias: odorian / cuteanimegirl
    Your real name: Ivan
    Your year of birth: 1995
    Your gender: Attack Helicopter

    Nationality: Russian
    Country of residence: Russian Federation
    Language skills: English, Russian
    English Proficiency: Decent

    How long you have been playing: Since 2010, the times when cops had no tasers (shoutout to killarrest fanboys) and @Teddy's maximum fps was 10.
    Your strengths: I am a honest person who's not afraid to express my opinion. Having huge amount of social experience amongst online communities, SAES and such. This means I've seen shit and could easily deal with anything. Also there are not so many people who played this server for such a long period of time like me hhhhh.
    Your weaknesses: Can't be serious enough. Though I dont see it as a disadvantage myself, this is a game after all. Go be serious irl seriously, this server used to be much more fun when people cared less.

    Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES): CS

    Teamspeak Installed: Yes
    Discord Installed: Yes
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord: Yes, TT/CLO/AA channels daily.

    Reason for application: A desire for a new gameplay experience. Messing with people as a staff seems to be fun. What if I make server as good as it'd been?

    Unique qualities you can offer: A good amount of common sense which is sadly a rarity these days in community. Aside of that, mapping/designing/anything, shit i've done in years is still live on the server.

    Server Memberships: Tuga Thugs, Cuban Liberation Organisation.

    Additional information: Everything outside is freezing right now because I come from a non ending land of retards and the greatest nature. Not long time ago I finished my one year long service in the military forces where they taught me how to kill people with a potato and a book. I'm full time employed so I play evenings and weekends, though I can easily access discord anytime via phone. SAES is a lovely community I still haven't dropped in years, no matter how many bad things happened <333

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: adminjails for deathmatching i believe.
    Previous (legitimate) bans: A ban which happened due to me arguing with a clan member in somewhat rude manner.

    Are you a muslim?: السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ

  • I thought you hated SAES?

  • More amazed to receive a genuine non-troll app from you this time!

    Decent app though, if we start seeing another legitimate app from you next time then we might finally agree that it's time to put all those years of experience into helping the community.

    Keep up the good attitude and maybe next time.

    Unfortunately you have not been successful during this recruitment. However please don't let it this demotivate you to aspire towards the next recruitment.
    Help out both ingame and in #saes-support consistently to significantly raise your chances.
    Best of luck next time!

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