Elegant's Application for San Andreas Housing Agency

  • Your ingame username: elegant09
    Your ingame alias: Elegant
    Your real name: Emanuel
    Your year of birth: 2002 30th of August
    Your gender: Male

    Nationality: Israeli
    Country of residence: Israel
    Language skills: Hebrew, Russian, English
    English Proficiency: I'd rate my English proficiency around 7/10

    How long you have been playing: Around a year
    Your strengths: I'm a positive guy that always keeps a smile on his face and patient that will assist players all the way till they're satisfied, I don't like to reject to players when they ask help as it makes me feel kinda bad inside of me so I'm always trying to help others and use my knowledge to help them as much as I can and make sure the players understands and never hesitate to ask for help because it never bothers me, I'm available most of the time at any condition in real life whether I'm depressed or sad, I'II hold my smile and serve the players in their needs and help them till they're good to go

    Your weaknesses: Well my weakness is that I shift from one task to another (multitasking) and then I attempt in finishing them as fast as possible and everything quickly to have spare time for a rest.

    ***Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES)***: SAHA

    Teamspeak Installed: Yes it is.
    Discord Installed: Yes it is.
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord: Yes.

    Reason for application: My reason for applying to SAHA is because its set in my list and I have to and want to achieve my goal and succeed in a successful server and have a good part of memory from SAES and basically try to help to people in their needs because a lot are requesting SAHA and I think I'II be useful if I get approved as I'm active player and that will make me also busy because most of the time I'm bored.

    Unique qualities you can offer: Unique qualities I can offer is like being active player which can help to players that are in in need at no matter which time because I'm most of the time bored and I don't know how to spent the time on, I also offer a nice behavior at anytime no matter who whether Its someone I hate or like or don't know him

    Server Memberships: Squad: SWAT, DE- Assault Unit, IAC- Merryweather, CS, ProCop, SAi, SAM, MCC

    Additional information: Well as I've stated before, I live with two brothers and I go to school and come home and straight away play some SAES because that chills me and then I head to the gym with my friends and sometimes I hangout with friends on weekends and enjoy the free time while there is no exams, I love playing video games and watching movies, I want to mainly focus on my grades this year because its very important to me and to my future and I will try my best to accomplish best grades in my class

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: None
    Previous (legitimate) bans: N/A

    Are you a muslim?: No, I'm not.

  • Probably best you focus on those grades which kinda makes it pointless recruiting a staff member thats gonna go inactive soon 🤔

    Unfortunately you have not been successful during this recruitment. However please don't let it this demotivate you to aspire towards the next recruitment.
    Help out both ingame and in #saes-support consistently to significantly raise your chances.
    Best of luck next time!

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