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Discussing mods/shaders

  • Guides and advice on designing mods
  • Showcasing your own creations
  • Requesting reworks, mods and skin shaders

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Rework guidelines

You generally will need permission from the original creator of the shader. Say I made a template for bmyap and sold a copy to NNB for $5.00, NNB would not be allowed to hand it over to their friend in FOX. To avoid copyright infringement and causing unnecessary flame wars, please ask who made your gang's shader and hear from them, if you may have a designer rework it for another use.

Essentially the same as shaders. Please respect the creators rules for using their textures. If they have made a free-of-charge library of textures, you're allowed to use it to a certain extent. If the creator gave it as copy you would need to ask him for permission to share it with a friend.
Same goes for textures found in .txd made by modders on the net, you should ask them for permission first.

DFF (model)
Exact same as textures. Please respect the time that modelers put into converting and modeling their dff. Some may be intended for a single group's usage.

Avoiding closing of topic:
Make sure links are up to date.
Do not exceed the 3-year inactivity limit; please bump every now and then (every few months if desired to keep it available)