Cappo's Application For CS

  • Your ingame username: milan6969
    Your ingame alias: Cappo
    Your real name: Milan.
    Your year of birth: 2002.
    Your gender: Male.

    Nationality: Bulgarian.
    Country of residence: Bulgaria.
    Language skills: The languages I am capable of speaking are Bulgarian, English and a bit of french. I'd rate my English skills with 7/10, as I feel like I need to improve myself. As for my French skills, I'd give it 3/10.
    English Proficiency: As stated, I'd rate it 7/10.

    How long you have been playing: Exactly 1 year.
    Your strengths: Now, my 'favourite' strength, which could be considered as a weakness as well is actually fighting or else doing my best to reach my goals. With that being said, I'd never interfere anyone or else, stop him to reach his goal, as I try my best reaching it myself. As a strength in the Internet as well as in real life, which actually helped me with some relationships is to somehow know what does the person I am communicating with feel, if he is against me or with me, if he enjoys my company or not. It seriously takes me about ~5 minutes, so I can actually get a group of people around me that enjoy me and have fun with me. Furthermore, I can talk about pretty much everything and I can fit in a great amount conversations and talk about random stuff, just so I get to see what the others think about me. Also, I know when I should stop joking, or when to be serious. For me, that's something really important, when it comes to being serious, or doing some serious stuff.

    Your weaknesses: I don't really have that much weaknesses, as I'm able to control my emotions in a great mannier, so I wouldn't allow them to get over the more important things for me. Now, a well shown weakness of mine is to sometimes get in arguments, simply because I want to prove my point, but everyone, as a human being, has his own different point of view, so those arguments can be seriously considered as a weakness, simply because sometimes, I get some facts out, just to prove my point.

    Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES): CS.

    Teamspeak Installed: No, I don't have it Installed, thought none uses it nowadays.
    Discord Installed: Yes, I do have it installed. Furthermore, I am using Discord since 2015.
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord: I do, I use it everyday, as I am in a great amount of servers.

    Reason for application: Simply because I want to help out the Server itself, while having fun and enjoying myself. In the Server, there are great amounts of players that are here to have fun, sadly, there's a great amount of rulebreakers as well. Now, I'd like to show myself as a person that reduces the amount of rulebreakers in the Server and make sure that everything is okay in the Server. I also love helping the new players, helping them out by showing them a great amount of groups, talking with them what their interests are, so I can allow them to meet some people of that groups and see if they get along. So far, as a main reason for applying I'll state that it's simply following the rules, while making everyone else do that so, as well as helping out the others in every possible way.

    Unique qualities you can offer: Unlike a few others, sadly, I can't offer any coding skills or that kind of stuff. Yet I can offer my verbal skills, my activity and overall my personality to help out the Server as in my opinion, is one of the best so far. I've read a lot in the old forums, as well as the most of those, new forums, I am seriously impressed of how the community looked like back then and how it look likes nowadays. I'd love to help it improve even more and to make sure everything is running smoothly. Once again, I can help out with my communicating skills and mostly my activity. I'd like to prove myself, also have fun while being useful.

    Server Memberships: S.W.A.T. and SAP.

    Additional information: I don't think I have any additional information, as I stated everything I wanted to say in the previous questions.

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Well, without counting those kicks out of the server and mutes,, which were obviously jokes, I've been adminjailed once, I don't remember by who thought. It was for "marker arresting during BR". Now, I can seriously complain about that adminjail, as I don't really consider it as being fully verified, but it's alright, that's in the past.
    Previous (legitimate) bans: No, I've never been banned from the Server.

    Are you a muslim?: No, I am christian, but I respect everyone else, it doesn't matter where they are from, or if they're believers or not. We're all human beings. except Macedonian people, discount country!

  • High effort application.

    Unfortunately you have not been successful this time around. Same as many others, I'd recommend getting your name out there a bit more and maybe get into a few more relevant groups to raise your status a bit amongst helping players out here and there.

    Best of luck for next time!

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