Velona's Application for Community Staff

  • Your ingame username: velona77
    Your ingame alias: Velona
    Your real name: Eren
    Your year of birth: 1997
    Your gender: Male

    Nationality: Turkish
    Country of residence: Turkey
    Language skills: My native language is Turkish, I've decent English skills. In addition, I'm learning Spanish.
    English Proficiency:I've passed a C1 test this summer with 95/100 points.That's equal to what we call fluent, I guess.

    How long you have been playing:I've been playing for 6 years, less or more.
    Your strengths:I think I'm a fair person, and a patient person.I can listen people, it does not bore me.I'm also a person who can take the responsibility when it's needed.I like to puzzle my mind on finding solutions on anything.I know how to control my anger and I know how to treat people.As a person who do nothing but just randomly drive cars around the map, I'd have enough time to care about people's problems.And last, I'm usually online at late hours when there are no admins to deal with Mexican people DMing and insulting eachother.
    Your weaknesses: I believe in jokes.And I always pity those who can't accept jokes and get triggered over my virtual jokes.I am sometimes obsessive, I like things to be in order.

    Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES): Community Staff

    Teamspeak Installed : Yes
    Discord Installed : Yes
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord : I don't usually get involved in conversation of the SAES' official server, but I do in other SAES-related servers such as AA.

    Reason for application : First, I still think that I'm capable to be a Staff member and can handle it.I've been enjoying the server since 2012, and I think it has came to my turn to serve the best to the players.I believe I'll be doing my job well.
    Unique qualities you can offer : I can take quick and accurate decisions with no fuss.I think I'm a good teacher, and I don't prefer punishing directly.I can do several things at the same time but I don't bite off more than I can chew.I can communicate with people who don't know English very well and I don't give people the cold shoulder.And last, I'm a graphic designer who'll always be there when needed.

    Server Memberships : Arms Assassins , Outbreak , LWS , ZIP , RaceTech and Inmigrante Cubano.

    Additional information : My name is Eren.I'm studying civil engineering in the best technical university of Turkey, Istanbul Technical University.I'm a social person, I like talking to new people, I believe difference teaches you things.The thing I enjoy the most is playing football,I could've been playing for a professional team but sadly I couldn't go on because of an injury I've had in my childhood; now I just play in local tournaments.I love computers in general; repairing them, working on them, playing games, designing and all.I can consider myself a creative person.I love music a lot, I always listen music when I'm on things and I also have some projects to make music.I like reading books, and writing poems.I guess, this is more than enough.

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server : I've been muted a lot, and adminjailed several times.
    Previous (legitimate) bans:

    Are you a muslim?:Maybe if Allah allows alcohol and girls.

  • Your username in the game: Samuel3021
    Your nickname in the game: Samuel
    Your real name: Samuel
    Your year of birth: 1998
    Your gender: male

    Nationality: Brazilian
    Country of residence: Brazil
    Language skills: My native language is Portuguese, I have the basics in English,
    Proficiency in English: I already passed a test worth 10 I took 6

    How long have you been playing? about 1 year.
    Your strengths: I think my strong point is to play like I'm in real life, I'm patient in dealing with other colleagues, and I'm also good at aiming with guns and I'm a good driver in the game
    Your weaknesses: I think sometimes I am a bit impatient, and also because I speak little English

    Preferred Position (SAHA / CS / SAES): Community Team

    Installed Teamspeak: No
    Installed Discord: Yes
    You often get involved in Discord: I do not normally get involved in the talk of the official SAES server,

    Reason for the application: I really enjoy playing this game, the years that I play Gta, since I was a child, and also want to help other colleagues and also collaborate with the gang, I am patient and fair with the people, I believe my profile falls more or less on the profile that the gang expects from a player

    Server associations, I've never been in a gang

    Additional information: I am an exemplary and studious and serious guy, whenever I can help I will help in the best way possible.

  • @Velona
    Another strong application! A good sense of humour is never a weakness.

    However unfortunately this time you have not been successful. Please try and get more involved by helping individuals around the server. Better luck next time!

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