JohnPrice's Application for Community Staff

  • Your ingame username: ezel1996
    Your ingame alias: JohnPrice or J.Price
    Your real name: John K.
    Your year of birth: 1996
    Your gender: Male

    Nationality: Greek
    Country of residence: Greece
    Language skills: Decent
    English Proficiency: I acquired it back in 2013.

    How long you have been playing: I made my first appearance on SAES back in 2012. However, due to in real life obligations I had to face, I had to give up on MTA a couple of times. Anyway, everything has changed right now, I'm back active, stable and able to spend my freetime daily.
    Your strengths: I always try to get the best out of me by showing a great behavior to everyone, no exceptions. I'm a peaceful person so I never skip to solve my issues and create a better enviroment around me. Respectful, cooperative, communicative and a good listener.
    Your weaknesses: I'm easily disappointed and sometimes it's difficult for me to handle big pressure. A little part of my personality is filled with perfectionism so if something misses my attention it makes me think I'm not doing my job right.

    Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES): Community Staff

    Teamspeak Installed: It wasn't useful for me so I had to uninstall it.
    Discord Installed: It's a basic tool for me, so already installed.
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord: I'm all day long connected and active.

    Reason for application: Well, I'll be totally honest with my answer. Compared to other players of our community, I don't have such big experience as they have, but I consider that I've got the appropriate qualities. I'm aware of the way that SAES works along with other categories or sections such as the regulations and the gameplay information. I've worked in simular positions, in the past, as part of a different RPG community and I'm completely aware of the responsibilities and the importance of this role. I consider myself ready for that application.

    Unique qualities you can offer: I'm a responsible person and I can provide a big level of dedication to something I believe is worth working for. I strive to come up with the most fair and subjective judgement in each situation I face daily and based on this I'm able to do my best in order to improve the quality and order of SAES. I'm a hardworker and if I am given trust, I never let anyone down. I consider myself mature for the position and this is the best quality I can offer. My high activity along with my good behavior and my appetite for improvement can bring out the best possible outcome in any circumstance or task I'll happen to face through my duty.

    Server Memberships: SAI, Desert Eagles, All Load Trucking, SWAT.

    Additional information: Nothing important to state.

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: As far as I remember, I have never been punished. Except of a mute that Patrol hit me for fun.
    Previous (legitimate) bans: Nothing.

    Are you a muslim?: No, I'm not.

  • You acquired your English proficiency back in 2013?

    Other than that, decent application however this time you have not been successful.
    Please try and get more involved within helping the community as a regular player.
    Better luck next time!

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