Crash Apply for SAHA

  • Your ingame username:masterkillier
    Your ingame alias:[SWAT]Crash/Commander.Frank/Director.J
    Your real name:João Santos
    Your year of birth:1998
    Your gender:Male
    Country of residence:Portugal
    Language skills:Portuguese/English very litle Spanish
    English Proficiency:6.8
    How long you have been playing:4 years
    Your strengths:Im Active In-game, i like to help and listen to new people and try make them learn and improve the next gen of the saes community
    Your weaknesses:My english some times i don´t know a word and i have to try get to the point by another way
    Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES):SAHA
    Teamspeak Installed:Yes
    Discord Installed:Yes
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord:Yes
    Reason for application:Im very active and i have tried to join this before as its a role that i always liked
    Unique qualities you can offer:Well i spend tuns of hours ingame and on the forums since my job allows me to do so and i have been around along time and learned some stuff from watching other sahas doing theyr job when im chilling with some of them
    Server Memberships:DE(MCC)/ SAFD/SS/SAM
    Adicional information:I´m João Santos im from Portugal i Joined back in 2014 with some friends that showed me the server and i been playing since then.
    I work as a private security on a building that allows us to use our personal PC’s so thats why i get to be online for so many hours since i can go anywhere and i have the PC with me i just fire up MTA and chill around with people and sometimes make some fun stuff mainly at night time saes since thats the main time i play at now adays doe to work.
    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server:Since the beggining i can say maybe 10 adminjails max
    Previous (legitimate) bans:Got banned once for a month for taking parto f a server using stolen script witch i later left theyr community and got unbanned on saes
    Are you a muslim?:Not that im a aware of

  • Low quality app but apparently you're doing something right somewhere.
    Even retarded enough to remove the formatting.

    As much as I would love to write denied rn,

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