Laza's application for Community Staff

  • Your ingame username: My in-game username is 'l4ki1'.
    Your ingame alias: I'm known as Laza.
    Your real name: My real name is Lazar.
    Your year of birth: 19th October, 1998.
    Your gender: I'm male.

    Nationality: I am Serbian nationalities.
    Country of residence: I'm living currently in Serbia.
    Language skills: I do speak fluently Serbian & English.
    English Proficiency: I would give myself seven on scale one out of ten.
    How long you have been playing: I have started playing SAES:RPG since 14th January 2012. To be precisely of this post, 6 years, 10 months, 14 days excluding the end date.
    Your strengths: As you can see, I am an old player here. It's been around seven years since I started playing. During that period, I always spent my free time on the server, there was only a bit of rest when I had to go somewhere or some real life problems. Honestly, I learned this game in my fingers, I know exactly everything about this game, because
    to be honest, around seven years is not a small amount of time playing here with different people. I have learned from everyone just a bit let's say, and when I calculate I do think I'm enough experienced to become a part from staff team. As I have mentioned all this above,my strengths will be described in a lot of different ways, starting from that I am a friendly, helpful and trustful player who loves to help new people who join this community and all others who think I could help them in every possible way. I'm ready to take orders and deal with any responsibility. Second positive side of myself is that I can communicate enough good with people especially in Serbian and English as one of them is my native language and the second one is the language I'm still studying, but it doesn't makes me any problem. On another side, my activity is good for now, I'm active on forums, on discord daily, and in-game as well. Anyways,I'm quite careful everytime before I do something something, and I never risk if I'm not sure. I am an open-minded person who is always eager to learn new subjects and improve my skills.
    Your weaknesses: Honestly, nothing important that makes me not suitable to be a part of staff team.

    Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES) : Community Staff

    Teamspeak Installed: Yes.
    Discord Installed: Yes.
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord: Yes, absolutely. Whenever someone mention me or anything, I'm always trying to answer as soon as possible. If I'm not on my PC, I'll do it via my phone.

    Reason for application: I'm playing on this server for long enough to take another step forward with applying to become a staff member. I have tried many times singing for community staff, and unfortunately I didn't had enough luck to succeed and from that I have learned that I'm missing some required stuff, or I'm not suitable to be a part of team. I remember when I first time came to the server and there was nobody around to help me out within some things, as I was newbie and I didn't knew anything, so I had to learn it by myself slowly. Since the last time, I can say I feel fully ready, even I'm leading a squad in-game which is currently level 3. I can obey all required stuff. I'm a completely stable player, I know to be serious whenever it's needed, but with everyone I'm trying to have fun, and respect everyone. Also I do use discord, and I'm quite active there, sometimes I do help some guys who needs a help, and I can say once again, during this long time I'm playing, in this game I haven't ever lost interest in playing and helping people.

    Unique qualities you can offer: I'm always reachable through discord as I've installed that on my PC & phone, so I can answer whenever someone needs me or so . If I don't have to do something important in real life, I do always spent my free time here on the server. All my personall skills and my past experience, I honestly think it's enough to become one of staff team. On another note, I will help the team by taking care of in-game reports, or helping out players with anything I can.

    Server Memberships:
    -Commander of Special Task Force
    -SAFD Assistant Chief HQ
    -HLS Tactical Response Unit Leader
    -SAi HQ/Honorary
    -ZIP Manager
    -CC Impounder
    -LWS Trusted
    -MCC & ProCops

    Additional information: I believe I have written all information needed for my application, therefore I don't think I have to add anything here.

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I have been adminjailed twice, once for dming and once accidently, it wasn't really my fault, I have given logs and all sorted out since then. I don't remember really the dates, it was a while ago.
    Previous (legitimate) bans: Yes, I was banned once for multiaccounting, and for some bug in-game. All sorted out since then.

    Are you a muslim? : No.

  • Decent app but unfortunately not what we're looking for at this moment in time.

    Better luck next time!

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