Tamsouh's Application For Community Staff

  • Your ingame username:Zelozed2
    Your ingame alias:Sadio or Tamsouh or Tamsou7
    Your real name:Mohamed Mostafa
    Your year of birth:2006
    Your gender:Male

    Country of residence:Egypt
    Language skills:English 7-8/10
    English Proficiency:im medium in english

    How long you have been playing:like 2 years or 2 years and half
    Your strengths:is to understand what i should do and the teamwork
    Your weaknesses:is to don't understand what i should do when im alone plus low fps and high ping

    Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES):CS and SAES ❤

    Teamspeak Installed:nope but i can install it if you want
    Discord Installed:yes
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord:yes im active 24/7 on discord

    Reason for application:i love SAES soo much this is beautiful game i want to help them yes im banned many times but i swear i can help SAES and if i have money i will donate to make SAES the best server in MTA

    Unique qualities you can offer:the loyalty to this beautiful server i want to help this server and i want to donate when i get money plus im active 24/7 in SAES i read the F1 Rules and i never give a bad reputation to SAES

    Server Memberships:i joined CripZ and FBI but kicked and now im trying to join CripZ again

    Additional information:in real life my name is Mohamed Mostafa i have 12 years and soon i will be 13 at 2019 i don't have money my mother isn't with me (not dead) i live in Egypt im trying to make my life good and to have fun

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server:i got adminjails but since i got unban i didn't get get any punishments
    Previous (legitimate) bans:2 times on this account first time i dmed i was noob and i didn't read the rules well and the last time for insulting an admin i forgot that i should report without insulting i was mad because the admin was insulting my sister

    Are you a muslim?:Yes
    Thanks For Reading My Application.

  • Very passionate as I can tell.

    I would recommend you probably get a bit more experience both ingame and maybe life but don't let this ruin your enthusiasm for the game!

    Better luck next time!

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