JohnnyEnglish's application for CS

  • Your ingame username : JohnnyEnglish
    Your ingame alias : OC|>JohnnyEnglish
    Your real name: Akshat Shree Ram Pandey
    Your year of birth: 2002
    Your gender : Male

    Nationality : Canadian
    Country of residence : India
    Language skills : English : 9.5/10, Spanish : 5/10, Portuguese : 3/10, German : 5.5/10
    English Proficiency : 9.5/10

    How long you have been playing : I have been playing since July, 2017.
    Your strengths: My strengths include :

    • Overall intimate knowledge of Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas
    • Past experience with such positions
    • Optimistic character with laidback attitude
    • Reacting to situations with appropriate expectations
    • Active nature
    • Knowing my limits
    • Self Apologetic nature which reduces arguments
    • Developed Sense of Justice and fairplay
    • Direct, to the point attitude

    Your weaknesses : My weaknesses include :

    • Very rare outburst of anger which I control mostly now
    • Prolonged technical problems with my computer and router
    • Rare High School Career interference leading to inactivity

    Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES) : I prefer the Community Staff position

    Teamspeak Installed : Yes.
    Discord Installed : Affirmative.
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord : Yes, rather a bit much.

    Reason for application : The reason why I chose to apply today is because I, being a part of this server for over a year, have thoroughly enjoyed it's gameplay, features, development and atmosphere. Over my time as a player I have only received from the server, I as a player have only enjoyed it without giving anything in return. I, being a member of the Staff Teams of various servers including ranks from Moderator upto Administrator believe that I do possess the intellect and skill-set required to handle the task of a Community Staff member. I absolutely love guiding and helping others, which I have an extremely high amount of experience with in the past and I can do it with the utmost potential by being a Community Staff member. I bring along a few other skills of mine which are development-related, I just feel the desire to do my part for the server and I come to the point that being a part of the Staff team of this server is not only the best way to help the community, but also is an incredible honor.

    Unique qualities you can offer: I believe that I can offer :

    • Experience and Counseling as I have been part of such positions for quite a few Roleplay servers for an extensive amount of time.
    • Solely dedicated helpful attitude
    • Polished intellect which includes management, reformation and emergency response skills
    • (Unrelated) : Averagely good MTASA Lua Scripting experience
    • Above average observational skills
    • An acquiescent yet not submissive nature which extends to responsible actions and a sense of unbiased justice.

    Server Memberships:

    • Overdose Crime : Manager
    • San Andreas Medic : EMT

    Additional information:
    I was born in Canada, yet due to employment changes, my family moved to India after I completed elementary school. I currently am a High School Sophomore who pursues a career including Software Engineering. My passion for computers has led me to master many a programming languages including - Java, Python, the C family and Web Development. Despite being a year and half old on the server, my ingame time is not very supportive to that but the reason for that is I had issues with my previous computer which are now resolved, hence I am now back in business. I'm highly active and enjoy cycling over great distances. Over the years, I have noticed that I can do my best when I am a supportive figure of the group, and not it's leader, I can provide my uttermost when I am being guided and enjoy working.

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I have faced none such punishments.
    Previous (legitimate) bans:
    I have never faced any bans

    Are you a muslim? : No, I am not.

  • High effort application and good potential recruit however I regretfully write that you have not been successful this time around. You're the type of person that I think is a dark horse. You possess all the desired qualities however you just haven't gotten involved as much as you could. Try get involved on discord and get your name out there so people get to know you a bit better and you might be very close to a shot next time. Best of luck for next time!

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