Orten's Application For Staff

  • Your ingame username: bouhsina
    Your ingame alias: Orten
    Your real name: Moemen Nheri
    Your DOB: 18/08/2004
    Your gender: Male
    Nationality: Tunisia
    Country of residence: Tunisia
    Language skills: Good.
    English Proficiency: 8/10
    How long you have been playing: 9days But i was banned since 2013.

    Your strengths: AnyThing

    Your weaknesses My Weaknesses Are Scripting.

    Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES): Community staff
    Teamspeak Installed: No.
    Discord Installed: Yes.
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord: Yes.

    Reason for application: Well, basically I want to join the clan because I can help you guys with a lot of stuff, I have a lot of ideas that could be used in the server, I am also very active so I could help players and solve issues that people are having.

    Unique qualities you can offer: I Can Offer To SAES:RPG Players To Play In And Helping Players.

    Server Memberships: N/A

    Additional information
    Well, my name is Moemen Nheri, I am a 14 years old , I live in Tunisia. I like to help people and help them solve their issues that they have, I am a very active person and I've been playing MTA for like 6 years so I have a lot of experience, I have also made 2 RPG servers, and I was admin in some other servers too. I can be very useful in some stuff.
    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: None
    Previous (legitimate) bans: Yes i'm Banned.
    Are you a muslim?: Yes, I'm Muslim.


  • wait wtf, you applied twice?

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