Scooty's Application for SAHA

  • Your ingame username: Mamo.
    Your ingame alias: Scooty.
    Your real name: Ahmed Malik.
    Your year of birth: 1998
    Your gender: Male.

    Nationality: Algerian
    Country of residence: Algeria
    Language skills: Arabic, French, English.
    English Proficiency: I'll give it an 8/10

    How long you have been playing: Since 2014 which is 4 years.
    Your strengths: I believe I have the skills that are necessary when it comes to being a SAHA member, such as being observant and diligent. I have respect for everyone and the ability to help them with whatever I could, and I always take responsibility of my actions or wrong doings. I have integrity and honesty, grant that I may have weaknesses along the way, I am human after all.

    Your weaknesses: As I mentioned before, everyone got weaknesses. I see that I'm way too dreamy which leads me to think of unrealistic things, I'm way direct which leads people to accuse me for hating them while it is wrong f.e: If someone lies I rebuked him on the face, as well as I does not like to conflict and I'm avoiding it as much as possible, could be taken by people as fragility.

    Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES): My preferred one is SAHA

    Teamspeak Installed: No.
    Discord Installed: Yes.
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord: Yes.

    Reason for application: I feel that I would be a good and capable SAHA staff for the team. I have been playing SAES for a few years, which is why I feel that I have enough experience to apply today. SAES has really been the only server I have dedicated a lot of my time to, and I plan to keep it that way. A lot of players know and respect me and I have no bad record of punishments, as well as I see that housing is highly requested & important for the community means that It requires a large roster to fulfill the needs, which is another reason why I am applying.

    Unique qualities you can offer: I have the confidence and communication skills to take part in this position and am aware of the various responsibilities that comes with being a SAHA. Although I may come out as a bit strong that is because I stand up for what I believe is right and not what is wrong, I work well with others, and communicate effectively. I'm responsible in all situations. No matter the circumstances, I'm reliable and extremely fair with administered punishments. I understand there's a time to joke, and a time to work. I stay focused on tasks that need to get done and finish assignments quickly and correctly. If there is a certain player requiring help I'll try to do my best on serving him.

    If I am not online in-game, then I would most likely be on the forums. I am on the forums for most of the day, I check it once every thirty minutes, I think that is good because I can reply to those that need help ASAP.

    Server Memberships: Currently part of Desert Eagles Airborne, The Company HQ and MCC Honorary

    Additional information: I am currently volunteering at an aged care home, which I think it would help me if I will get this position as I do have experience helping other people. What I do at the aged care home is socialize with the elderly residents and play games with them, help them in my time spent there every week.

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: None.
    Previous (legitimate) bans: None.

    Are you a muslim?: Yes.

  • Good application. Clearly have more patience than I do if you're volunteering in a care home, haha.

    Unfortunately at this time you have not been successful in the recruitment process. However, please don't let this discourage you to begin helping individuals out regularly ingame to increase your chance during the next recruitment.

    Better luck next time!